Friday, April 17, 2009

the glass

While the glass that's half empty shows:
  • My mom's cancer has returned and in response to some kick-your-ass chemo treatments she's been moved to the rehab section of a nursing home to go through physical and occupational therapy.

  • My full-time job was reduced to part-time due to the restructuring (read: layoffs and downsizing) at my company.
That same glass half-full shows:
  • The doctors will make some adjustments and give her a smaller dose of the truly nasty chemo with longer breaks in between the treatments. She's been reacting well to the other meds. The lumps around her jaw/neck have gone down considerably since starting chemo. She's able to eat again and is even gaining weight.

  • I STILL have a job and now have more time to spend with Bug during the week. And with the new work schedule, I'll be able to go back to the Midwest and visit my mom again soon.

Now I think I'll fill the glass with wine.

1 comment:

  1. My office went down to a 4 day work week in March temporarily. I loved having an extra day off every week. I think its the longest I had ever been in my house without anyone else in YEARS! (Kids in school, hub at work). I was the same way, at least I have a job!

    Then they said in April it was optional/but needing the $ more than a personal day for me, I'm back to a full work week :( Anyway, it was nice while it lasted.

    Hope your Mom is feeling better!