Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Morning has broken (and shattered the walls): a short play



Setting: upstairs in the early morning hours

Act 1, Scene 1
Monday, 4am

The stage is silent when suddenly an earth-shattering scream breaks out from the hallway. Mommy runs to find Bug standing near his door crying and stamping his feet. (Night terrors?) Bug refuses to be held or calmed in anyway but after a few minutes Mommy gets him back in his room. Bug sits on his bed--kicking, crying, etc. still pushing Mommy away with interjections of "no, no, no," "don't wanna." (Is it possible neighbors from several blocks away are being awakened by this?)

Offstage we hear Daddy's footsteps as he enters the room to help.

Bug: [between cries] Go away, Daddy.

Daddy leaves and moments later (could his head have even hit the pillow?) we hear a soft, rhythmic snore.

Mommy gets Bug quieted down but Bug begs to sleep in Mommy & Daddy's bed. She holds firm.

Mommy: No, it's nighttime. Nighttime is for sleeping in your bed. You can come in when it's morning.
Bug: But I have to sweep in your bed.
Mommy: No, this is your bed. You have a comfy bed with a perfect pillow (clever Mommy--using Bug's own words from earlier in the evening to describe his bed)

Mommy wins. An agreement is reached...Bug will stay in his bed. As Mommy leaves to return to her room, she gets Bug's typical goodnight litany...

Sweep well
Be careful
Don't get boo-boos
Don't get sick
Don't go to the doctor
Put ice in your ginger ale but don't put ice in your wine (this one always brings a smile to Mommy's face and a question mark bubble above her head)
Sweet Dreams


Back in the bedroom Mommy is wide awake. After staring at the clock for a few minutes she gives up and goes downstairs to the computer to start her day.

[Fades to dark]

Act 2, Scene 1
Tuesday, 4:10am

Again, Mommy is awakened to Bug's piercing cry. She goes to him and quiets him down. He asks to sleep in the big bed.

Mommy: No, you stay in your big boy bed.
Bug: Then you sweep with me.
Mommy: No, there's no room. You have all your toys and cars to keep you company. Tell Winnie all about your day.
[Bug hugs Winnie and begins telling stories of the life of a two-year-old]

Mommy returns to her bed.

A big truck is heard stopping on the street. Mommy looks outside but sees nothing other than an unfinished construction project (sigh) but hears what sounds like the wood chipper scene from Fargo. Cringing, she gets back into bed and silently curses the city.

Garbage truck finishes the wood chipper scene and passes by the house...beautiful silence again.

A train whistle is heard. (Side note: The couple has lived in this home for more than seven years and on the few times a train whistle is heard in the early hours she imagines it's a train from another era--perhaps the early 1900s--carrying circus performers or gypsies or both. This time she thinks she might join them.)

Bug: [from his room] Mommy? I hear a train!
Mommy: Yes, Bug, the train is going night-night. It's still dark...go to sleep.
Bug: I can't. [crying follows]

Mommy resigns herself to the fact that Bug will be in her bed in minutes and it's likely her only hope of sleeping another hour or two. She goes to him; he asks to sleep in her bed. She agrees. He tells her he's wet (damn non-absorbent diapers--her thoughts--possibly Bug's too). A quick diaper/pajama bottom change and the two silently walk across the hall to M&D's room.

In bed Bug snuggles as close to Mommy as possible giving Mommy limited space in the big bed. They share a pillow. Bug does the toddler flop while sleeping--alternating between kicks on Mommy's tummy and arms thrown across her face with a headbutt thrown in for good measure. Often he's still and his soft breathing warms her heart. Twice he wakes up. Once she's greeted with "Oh, hi, Mommy" as though he's surprised to see her. The other is a sweet "I wuv you."

Mommy perfects her undesired and unenviable new habit of watching the clock with eyes wide open until 6am when she gets up leaving a sleeping little boy in bed.

[Fades to dark as the sun is preparing to rise]

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A rabbi, a burger and a lawyer...

Yesterday I went to Yom Kippur services with Donnie. The girl behind us sang along (loudly) to all the Hebrew sections. She talked to her parents quite a bit through services usually pointing out how much Hebrew she knew. Her mom kept ssshhhing the girl, who I'm guessing was 11 or 12. Once when the rabbi was singing, the girl asked her mom, "why is the rabbi singing in Spanish?" I don't get a lot out of services but I got a good chuckle out of that.

I leave next week for a business trip. It's our fall convention. The meetings are smaller at this organization than previous places where I worked. Instead of working at a meeting with 30,000 or 70,000 attendees, we have about 1,000 (doing the usual count by including spouses, exhibitors, speakers, dogs and strollers). I long ago realized size doesn't matter for conferences. You still have to be on for 12-plus hours a day, which really tests my ol' charm-o-meter by day three just thinking about it.

My meeting is in southern California and I've already checked out the nearest In-n-Out Burger. Since I'll be traveling over my birthday, I think I'll stick a candle in a double-double and call it a night. (Actually, I've never attempted a double-double...but think it's high time I try one.)

Donnie left on a business trip this morning and will be gone until Sunday. So...I'm going to be a bachelor girl this week...well, y'know, a bachelor girl with a son and a dog. Prior to Bug, when Donnie traveled I reverted to my bachelor girl ways and dinner was...Doritos and sour cream OR popcorn with M&Ms OR ice cream with an open jar of peanut butter and a spoon OR extra cheesy anything. You know...all those things I love that Donnie can do without (although he would join me for ice cream and peanut butter).

Things are different now...I've got in I've got to get Bug his dinner (complete with veggies) and off to bed before I plop myself in front of the TV or snuggle up with a book and start my dinner. I don't want to share him developing any bad habits.

Trying to decide what to make for dinner this week will be a lot more fun than usual.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I've got a date

Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration but BRUCE and I will be in the same arena room for a few hours on November 2nd when he sings to me and a few other thousand folks who paid for tickets.

And he's singing the Born to Run album in its entirety so I get to hear Thunder Road! It's one of my favorite songs. I have a soft spot for his songs with Mary in them (remember, my in trouble real name is Mary Ann).

Years ago I had a dream that I asked Bruce if there was a song with Mary in it on his new album and he answered yes. The new CD came out a few days later and sure enough there was a song with Mary. It's an undeniable connection, don't you think?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Someone

Dear Bug,

Nighttime is for sleeping. In. Your. Bed. When you come in at 2am, it's not morning yet (you don't have to be that chipper--although 1% of me finds it charming the other 99% of me that's still sleeping thinks it can wait).

Remember, morning is when the sun comes up. It's light out in the morning. Dark is for sleeping. Oh, how I wish after I re-tucked you into bed a little after 2, that I had fallen back to sleep...after all it was dark and dark is for sleeping.


Your bleary-eyed mommy

Dear Person Driving the Dry Cleaning Van,

When you ran the red light and nearly hit us as we were THE SECOND car to go through a green light, I decided to let your employer know about your driving and that you flipped me off. I couldn't get your license plate because, as you know, the front of your van was inches away from the driver's side door of our car.

I told your employer the location and he asked me to describe the driver. I did my best: dark hair and at least one finger on his right hand.


Someone who didn't get taken to the cleaners by your driving

Dear Mother Nature,

It's nearly October, could you stop with the 80-degrees-plus days?


One of your hot--and sadly I don't mean that in a good way--daughters

Dear Blogger,

What's up with the spacing? Makes me crazy...everything looks normal as I'm typing but when I post something there are about several blank lines in the post. Is it you or me?



Link up with Shortmama for more Dear Someone letters.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Bug LOVES his little kitchen and apparently Winnie-the-Pooh will attend the culinary school along with our little guy. He's been busy cooking breakfast for us every day--his signature dish is a hot dog served in a tea kettle.

What fun for Bug (and me) to find out that:

the pot on the burner makes a bubbling noise

the frying pan makes a sizzling noise

the tea kettle whistles

the oven has a timer

and the grill makes a noise that no actual grill should ever make.

Please note he's got both oven doors open--it's like he's taunting me--oh, how I wish I had a double oven. (Ignore the pacifier...)

And...Happy Birthday, Bruce!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swap Package

Whew, finally, my camera is working again. (Remind me NOT to let Bug play with it...or at the very least be a bit quicker when he takes it.) Look at my haul gifts from Shawn's birthday swap. Debi at Girlz A Soul Sista got my name and I scored big!

The photo didn't come out all that great (and this is the best of the bunch--maybe I should get a new camera instead of trying to make this one work again) but took a look: candle and stand (that match our dining room, thankyouverymuch!), Timeless Venice book, gorgeous black journal (I LOVE journals and am constantly writing in them), a CD, notecards with "J" on them (yes, I still communicate the old-fashioned way), Halloween cards and a handmade bracelet! What fun, huh? I also got a terrific t-shirt that says:

I work the mood swing shift (How great is that?!)

The camera works but the tee is in the wash so that photo will come later.

The bracelet is very cool AND Debi sized it for my wrist! The swap was fun and, really, who doesn't love getting mail--especially mail as terrific as this! Thanks again, Debi...and Shawn!

Second Base Tee Winner

Hey there, selected the winner for the tee. The winning number is 6 and that's MiMi at Living in France. MiMi, email me and let me know what size you want.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time to relax now...

Okay, this isn't a big deal for most people but...are you ready...

I put a toy together for Bug! If you knew me and saw my previous handiwork you would be as impressed as I am. In fact, you might just stop reading and get a glass of wine to toast me and my efforts. (Go ahead, I'll wait...or better yet, I'll join you.) For me, assembling this is, well...remarkable is the word the comes to mind. Ah, I think I'll just put my feet up the rest of the day and stare at the art that I crafted. Ahem...

I decided I wanted to get a little kitchen set for Bug so he can play in the kitchen while I cook dinner. Donnie got a kick out of my logic...I think he would just like me to cook dinner whether or not Bug's in the kitchen with me.

This is the closest thing I could find online to what's currently in our house--but it's a bit fancier. Nonetheless, Bug's kitchen set looks like this only not stainless steel (hey, he's two, does he really need stainless steel appliances?) but check it out: TWO ovens (I'm envious), an indoor grill (sigh...), a sink that works (which reminds me I need to call a plumber). I did have extra screws when all was said and done (please tell me that happens to you, too). As I was putting on the finishing touches stickers, I remembered the Barbie house and cars that I had as a kid with the stickers that were never quite right. Probably a result of the toys being assembled by my dad on Christmas Eve after a few cocktails.

So far it's holding up quite nicely...but then again Bug hasn't touched it yet because I put it together while he was napping.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sssshhh, I'm wishing I were reading

Sign up for the giveaway to win a Save Second Base tee here.

I'm thankful that I still have a job but today am tempted to jeopardize it. I have a sign on my door that says: Leave me alone, I'm reading! Oh, I wish I brought my book to work so I could shut my door and put that sign to good use. I'm reading The Help and feeling addicted to it. There won't be much reading time this weekend. Donnie's parents are coming to town for Rosh Hashanah. Donnie's Jewish and I'm Catholic so we celebrate lots of things at our home. My mother-in-law read The Help (and--like everyone else I know--loved it) so I think she'll understand if I say good night a little early and read.

Any thoughts on what should be my next addiction, I mean book?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Save Second Base Giveaway

When I was in Target a few months ago as opposed to when I was in Target a few days ago I saw a shopper wearing a great Saving Second Base t-shirt and practically jumped over shopping carts and small children to ask her where she got it. So clever! Sadly, I'm still searching for that tee and waiting for calls to be returned. Sigh...

But that search led to other findings and I thought a tee would be a good giveaway just in time for someone (perhaps you?!) to wear during breast cancer awareness month and after, of course. So, wanna win this Save Second Base tee?
Leave a comment to enter. You'll have two chances (leave two comments) if you're a follower. Three chances if you post about the giveaway on your site and link back here. I'll pick the winner on Tuesday, September 22. That will give me time to get the tee to you so you can start wearing it in October. ( currently has all sizes in stock so after the winner is chosen I'll get the size from you.) From the site:

Save 2nd Base’s goal is to provide exposure for the mission of The Kelly Rooney
Foundation. Each shirt has the potential to “spread the word” about a beautiful
person and the mark she left on the world. Our shirts have been sold in all 50
US states, distributed to our troops overseas, and sit in a boutique in
Australia. Save 2nd Base shirts are a vehicle to put Kelly’s favorite phrase in
motion…”PAY IT FORWARD!” Save 2nd Base has donated more than $30,000 to
KRF and other Breast Cancer non-profits.

WTF Wednesday

First of all a big thank you for all your comments, good wishes and hugs yesterday!

WTF...I think I had the grown-up version of that famous college dream where you arrive for finals and realize you didn't attend the class all semester (although I never actually had that dream). In my dream last night we were having a dinner party. Several people showed up...probably 20 and I realized some would have to eat in our basement/playroom and I had no dinner prepared (I'm not exactly the "I'll whip something up kind of gal" or MacGyver in the kitchen) and didn't have much food in the house AND only one bottle of wine (likely at that point I would have called dibs on the bottle). up with traffic today?? Grrrr. While Donnie and I were stuck in slooooow-moving traffic, I told him the following story--funny how things pop in your head. When I lived in NY, I used to leave for work at 6:30am. I jumped on the appropriately named F train in Brooklyn and even though there were people standing there was an empty seat so I took it. About a second after I sat down I knew why it was was next to an elderly homeless woman who was a bit smelly. I can still picture her VERY clearly all these years later.

She crossed her legs and accidentally kicked me and gave a loud, "Sorry, Honey" to me in a classic smoker's voice. I smiled that it was no problem then she lit a cigarette and most of the people on the train looked at ME as though I should tell her there's no smoking on the train. Yeah, right, not gonna be the one...

I decided I would move but didn't want to hurt the woman's feelings so my plan was to wait until the train stopped and I would jump on another car (that way so she would think I was simply getting off the train entirely). WAY too much thinking on this--it's NY--who cares what anyone does. I get off the train but because of the crowd waiting to get on I couldn't make it to the car ahead before the doors shut so I'm left standing on the platform.

Okay, fine, I'll wait at the Jay Street Borough Hall station. I'm sure why but for some reason I never liked that particular station. While I'm patiently waiting at probably 6:40am, an older man, who was as creepy as I thought the station was, came up next to me and whispered in a gravely voice, "Your train's coming" near my ear. UGH. I moved away and sat on a bench but he sat next to me to periodically tell me "Your train's coming."

Finally, another train did come and I could get to work. This train was less crowded with plenty of seats. I opted to sit next to a businessman knowing it would be a quiet ride and I could read. Soon after the train started moving, the businessman began talking to his hands in a very animated way. I don't remember ever being so happy to arrive at work.

WTF...When I asked Bug questions this morning he responded by roaring like a tiger. I don't speak tiger and definitely don't speak toddler tiger (I guess that would be cub).

Thanks to Sane Without Drugs for the vent session.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deep End

I'm back and know that when I return from these trips it's always an emotional re-entry to my daily life. I never feel like I can do enough when I'm back for a visit...enough for Mom or enough for my brother's family who lives in the same town and is on call for Mom at all hours.

Looking back on it, I know my mom was thrilled to get out for a couple of hours each day but it made her incredibly tired (just being lifted from the wheelchair to the car seat was exhausting for her). In the nursing home she was frustrated because she has an alarm on her wheelchair to alert staff if she tries to stand up on her own, which she does quite often and obviously shouldn't be doing at this point.

There was a time that she thought the nurses were laughing at her and there was no convincing her otherwise. She only asked where my dad was once in my presence but she's been asking about him more and more (and worried that she can't find him).

She repeats questions multiple times in a few minutes. Her memory is failing to the point that she simply can't live alone and I have to accept that the nursing home isn't just a place for rehab as was its original purpose. I suppose deep down I've known that but somehow this trip confirmed it on the surface. (Denial, anyone?)

So while I may not be drowning, I can't swim and definitely feel I'm in the deep end.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love South Dakota

I got carded last night. I'm still smiling.

(I realize they probably card everyone BUT I've been there before and not been carded! I think I flashed my ID in record time. So, again, still's a nice sendoff.)

Friday, September 11, 2009


It seems impossible that 9/11 was eight years ago. Like the generation before us asked "where were you when Kennedy was shot?" we now ask that about 9/11. I was working and my mom called to tell me that a plane hit one of the twin towers. A short time later I heard about the second plane (from my mom again) and this time she said someone on TV was talking terrorism.

Shortly after that, someone came to my office and said, "The Pentagon was just bombed. Come to Susan's office to see it." Knowing Susan had a TV I ran down there to see what the news reports were saying and was a bit numb. Instead of seeing the TV when I entered Susan's office, I could see the flames from the Pentagon from her window. Everyone was stunned and scared.

About a minute later someone from the HR dept ran through the halls saying that the office was closing, go home and be safe. (My office was two blocks from the White House.) On the drive home there were reports on the radio that car bombs were going off outside the Capitol and other false stories but no one knew that at the time. The station I was listening to had Peter Jennings reporting (at least that's my memory of the voice) saying that a tower just fell. It was chilling and I kept thinking this is a dream it's not really can't be happening.

During that drive home, I remember how oddly calm the traffic in DC was. The streets were packed with cars but I don't recall hearing any horns and most of the drivers were polite. I think as a group we were all stunned and scared and somehow that translated to being courteous to one another.

Like everyone else, I spent the day in front of my TV in disbelief. Donnie was on a business trip to Hawaii and ended up being stuck there for days (obviously). The next day I drove back to work and as I got closer to my office I saw soldiers with guns on the street corners. I cried just thinking how our country had changed in the past 24 hours and was scared of what might happen next.

I think about the people who lost their lives that day in NY, DC and PA. I also think about the bravery of the rescue workers who entered the burning buildings. Eight years later it still doesn't seem possible. Our safe America wasn't the same and never will be. As a friend said--it's a day to set aside red and blue--and remember the red, white and blue.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Greetings from SD...

  • It looks like I can take my mom out for a bit! Yay! Today we're off to get her a haircut. She's thrilled--who wouldn't be--her hair has grown back enough that it needs to be cut! Tomorrow we'll do some shopping.

  • I ran to Target yesterday and bought a skirt for $4.98 and a pair of shoes for $6.24. It's a good thing I needed to get toothpaste or I wouldn't have stumbled on the bargains!

  • Reading time, reading time, reading time...the joy of uncrowded flights with empty seats all around me! Donnie read That Old Cape Magic and so I decided to read it too and we'll have our own little book group discussion. This is the second time in ten years that we've had any interest in reading the same book.

  • One of my brothers is coming to town on Friday. His birthday is next week so I thought it would be fun to have a little birthday party for him in my mom's room. I ordered the cake and got to sample the frosting choices! I LOVE frosting. It was so good I got a little tub of it to go...mmmmmm.

  • Flight attendant's name was Beth. BUT...when we got on the plane I heard a woman on her cell phone saying, "Hi Mom, it's Cindy, just wanted to let you know that I made the flight." It seems there's always a Cindy on my flight to SD.

  • The guy in front of me at the security checkpoint in DC was on both my flight from DC to Minneapolis AND my flight to South Dakota. Random...considering the SD flight had so few travelers that we all had to sit in rows seven through eleven (the last row) to balance the weight of the plane. And there were still empty seats in those rows.

  • Yesterday my mom said she kept thinking it was a holiday but then said, "I guess it just seems like a holiday because I get to see you." Awwww, she's sweet, huh?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane (and then on a puddle jumper)

I'm off to South Dakota for a few days. I planned this trip a couple of weeks ago and the timing seems to be right. Last week my mom fell and broke her pelvic bone so she's been on bed rest for the most part but has recently been able to spend some time in her wheelchair.

I know she's going to be disappointed that we can't go out so we'll just have to make some fun at the nursing home. She loves to go to the mall, see a movie or go out for dinner. I'm afraid this time the options are very limited. Of course, that doesn't mean that I can't bring things to her. Dairy Queen and Taco John's are high on my our list! I know we'll have a lot of time just chatting. I finally received our vacation photos so I'll take those and plan to dig up some photos from my childhood as well and we can reminisce together.

Funny how when I was young, I always thought the town where my mom currently lives was SO big because compared to my hometown it's HUGE. We would go there for back-to-school shopping, the orthodontist (and no, I won't be packing photos of me with my perm AND braces--those days are better forgotten) and sometimes even stop at McDonald's (of course after getting my braces tightened it was difficult to even eat french fries). In high school it was exciting if you went on a date somehow took the relationship to a new level because the boy was able to drive 42 miles for a date. That's a long way of saying...the town where my mom lives isn't really that big. In fact, the airport has one gate. I don't even think it's Gate's the only one. Flights have been cut back and there are very few options for arriving/departing flights. I'm grateful there's an airport at all. That's a very long way of saying...

I'm leaving for the airport at 4:45am tomorrow--as in morning. I'll fly to Minneapolis and then get on a small plane for the second flight to SD. My favorite thing about these flights? When we're getting ready to go, the pilot says, "Cindy, we're about to take off, please take your seat." (I've yet to see a male flight attendant on these flights--and often it seems the flight attendant is named Cindy.) It always makes me smile.

I'm certain I'll sleep like a newborn tonight and wake up every couple of hours. Instead of needing to eat (although I won't rule that out), I'll check the clock, count the few hours of night remaining and then fall into a restless sleep for a bit longer. At least that's the good scenario...the other scenario is that I wake up at 6am...oh, let's not go there at all. My mom called on Sunday night to ask if I was packed yet...

Monday, September 7, 2009

a party, the zoo and labor day

We attended a birthday party yesterday for one of Bug's friends. Bug's still young enough that he's only been to a couple of parties for his pals. The party was fun and Bug had a great time in the moonbounce, loved the Spiderman pinata (thanks K for having more toys/crafts than candy as the loot) but was a bit too shy to play 'tape the spiderweb on Spiderman.'

Like previous parties I packed food that I knew would be safe for Bug to eat. He typically can't eat cake (egg allergy) and we have to check packaging for the ingredients as well in case the facility uses eggs and/or nuts. A big hug and thank you to K who saved the mac & cheese box for me so I could check the label before dinner was served! Really, so considerate. She knows Bug can have Kraft m&c but she had a different brand and wanted to be safe. It's always so nice when we're out and Bug can eat the same food as other kids.

Added fun: three kids at the party were all adopted through the same agency so we snapped a photo of them. We're convinced the agency should use it as a poster...big smiles on all their faces (including the parents--off camera, of course).

We visited zoo today. At first it seemed most of the animals were traveling for the long holiday weekend. The most lively animals of the day--the prairie dogs. Finally, we saw a lazy lion (I was hoping he would let out a loud roar but no such luck), a sleeping tiger, a swimming elephant (that was pretty cute), a shy hippo and a panda eating his (her?) lunch. When the elephant walked out of his little pool, Bug was concerned that the elephant didn't have a towel. I'm sure he was eager to see how big that towel would be.

With one of my brothers--I have three older brothers--my mom was in labor for 36 hours and he was born on Labor Day. Seems fitting. We've all said it was the only time he ever gave my mom any trouble. (Brag time: When she was pregnant with me, Mom's friend called at 9pm to say, "are you going to have that baby girl on my birthday?" My mom said no but then to her surprise I was born at 10:30pm that night. I've always thought for that alone I'm her favorite...)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life According to Books

Tammie posted this on her blog Irregular Tammie and I immediately knew I would do the same. It's almost identical to the Life According to Bruce list, which was fun so here I go again--this time with books. Using only titles of books you've read this year cleverly answer the following questions: (Full disclaimer: I used the past 12 months rather than the calendar year because I'm not exactly reading at an Olympic pace since January.)

Describe Yourself: The Late Bloomer's Revolution

How do you feel: An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination

Describe where you currently live: Home Safe

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Four Corners of the Sky

Your favorite form of transportation: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

Your best friend is: The Girl She Used to Be

You and your friends are: Everyone is Beautiful

What’s the weather like: Happens Every Day

Favorite time of day: The Pull of the Moon

If your life was a(n): Love Stories in This Town

What is life to you: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Your fear: Whistling in the Dark

What is the best advice you have to give: Nothing is Quite Forgotten in Brooklyn

Thought for the Day: Sleep is for the Weak

How I would like to die: While I'm Falling

My soul’s present condition: The Middle Place

C'mon, you wanna do it too, right?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mama needs a new pair of shoes...

Okay, needs might be a tad strong but wants is spot on. Maybe it's because I miss the back-to-school shopping...time will come when Bug will need back-to-school stuff but that's not here yet so I can be a little selfish--right? Right? Please?

So I'm thinking a new pair of shoes will be just dandy. When I return to work after the holiday weekend our office returns to business attire. Side Note: I hope I fit into my work clothes (damn those heavenly Nuggets that somehow ALWAYS end up in my shopping cart). I haven't tried on a thing that didn't qualify as casual since before Memorial Day. are another story. They're certainly not as fickle as those nasty skirts or suits with zippers and buttons that need to secure around my ever-increasing waistline (see Nugget reference above and tell me where to get some willpower) so I think shoe shopping is in my near future.

I'm thinking more fun than functional...something that can kick start a work outfit and make me think Mondays aren't nearly as bad while wearing good shoes. I did see a pair of shoes that made me drool a little but they were $139 so they won't be calling my closet home or tickling my toes. I want fun--not crazy. I can't remember where I saw them probably for the best or I would stalk them and that's pathetic even for me or I would share them with you but then you might want them too and if you're like me and am an "I won't/can't spend $139 for a pair of shoes" kind of gal then it's better if you don't see them. (See, I'm always thinking of you...)

For me it's all about the shoes...

I learned long ago to always wear good shoes to job interviews, meetings that make my stomach twist, parties where I don't know many people and anytime that I need a little boost. Looking at my feet and thinking, "damn, those are good shoes" will always give me a shot of confidence.

Years ago when I was in a job I hated, I told my friends when I wore my blue pumps (they were gorgeous...the leather, the heel, the POWER) they would know I was giving notice. So they became my "I quit my job shoes." I had another pair at the same time--green suede (I can't do them justice with words so I won't try) but they became my "beautiful shoes."

While I don't typically name my shoes, if I find a great pair this fall, they may just become my back-to-school shoes. Now if I can just find my DSW coupon (damn, why did I clean the house? Last week I knew exactly where it was).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WTF Wednesday

WTF is up with my dreams...

Last week I had a dream that I was in college and opted to take an acting class. Robert DeNiro was in my class. I was really annoyed that I would be graded against his talents and knew he would throw off any kind of curve there might be. Plus, he admitted he took the class for an easy A. And I showed up for class carrying a bag of dog poop. Ugh...
Last night I had a dream that Springsteen was my neighbor!! He and Patti (and kids) lived two doors away from me. I find this dream/real life connection interesting. They (the Springsteens) were living in the house where a real-life-Bruce and his family live (except that neighbor Bruce could be Stephen Colbert's twin). Both wives have red hair and both families have three kids.

Anyway, I went over to the house. Patti and I were chatting but I couldn't see Bruce anywhere (and I was looking but trying not to be TOO obvious). We were going to one of Springsteen's kids baseball games. I knew Bruce was home because I heard him call the kids to get in the car but the next image was the Springsteen minivan driving away but no glimpse of Bruce. Sigh.

Patti and I drove together and we stopped off for lunch first. On the drive she gave me gifts that were Bruce related...a Tiger puppet with a Bruce Born in the USA scarf (WTF?) and a poster from some magazine on a clipboard. After lunch Patti forgot her wallet so I paid but she 'approved' my credit card by slipping the waitress a note that she was Bruce's wife. Then for some reason she gave me her wallet so I had her ID.

While we were leaving I saw a headline in the Washington Post that said, "Bruce Springsteen in a coma since yesterday." I was nervous to point it out her but wondered if that's why I hadn't seen him at the house. Then I woke up to Bug's complaint that his cars fell out of his bed and he was wet. If I'm going to have a dream about Springsteen, is it too much to ask to actually SEE him?

Oh, and I had a dream our road construction was done...

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Would You, Could You In a Boat

Our friends invited us over for an afternoon of boating so Bug went on his first boat ride. It's been years since I've been on a boat so I was looking forward to it (I'm terrified of water but love being on speedboats--sailboats, not a chance).

Bug agreed to wear the life vest without a fuss because we explained that Curious George wears one when he's on a boat. Whatever works, right? Bug was offered the chance to steer the boat--with our fearless skipper right behind him--but the levers and buttons were too appealing. He figured out the throttle and for a moment we were 'full speed ahead' and once he turned the key and shut the boat down (um, sorry about that). A few times he tried to position himself as though he were planning to pose for the toddler version of the Titanic poster but I proved I can move pretty fast.

We docked the boat and Bug climbed a lighthouse and ran through the Maritime Museum. After a little more time on the boat (without Bug in command, thankyouverymuch) we stopped at a secluded beach and he had a great wandering around and watching the 'yucky' jellyfish. He helped pull the anchor up and we were on our way.

When it was time to leave our friends' house, Bug decided he wanted to stay. It seems our Cap'n Bug found his sea legs.