Saturday, February 27, 2010

update and a date

So...the Black Eyed Peas concert was fun! (Anyone surprised by that?) I was the only one in the suite who was familiar with the first opening act, LMFAO. The second was Ludacris. I probably didn't need to admit that I knew LMFAO because I read in the paper the week before that they were involved in the Mitt Romney airplane kerfuffle. Oh well--for a second people were impressed. The suite was a blast and at one point there was a conga line happening. One of my friends told me she thought my dress was perfect for Serena (Samantha's cousin on Bewitched). I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched...I think you get the picture.

After dancing, eating and drinking for a few hours, I walked in my front door to hear, "Hi, Mommy." Not what I usually hear after midnight but I quickly learned that Bug had been throwing up for the past couple of hours. I went from concert going party girl to mom in a snap--or keeping with the Jeannie theme--a blink. Smart woman that I am, I took off my suede books before going up the steps to the little patient.

Since then I've had a day home with Bug, lunch with an old friend, an adoption fundraiser, a visit from my in-laws, a successful solo trip to Target, a new faucet installed (I'm 100% giddy over a full-time working kitchen faucet!) and today...our neighbors are going to watch Bug so Donnie and I can go on a real late afternoon/early evening date. Actually, the time doesn't matter I'm just thrilled to be going out for a bit of alone time with my fella AND have free babysitting. Our boys are 2 months apart so it will be a playdate for Bug...he won't even know we're gone. He's as comfortable at their house as his own and, of course, he likes the toys better over there.

My sister-in-law arrives on Monday. She's leaving Thursday afternoon and I'm headed for the airport the same day at 4:45am. (Do you think airlines frown upon women traveling in their jammies?) I'm visiting my mom and always try to get the earliest flight so I can be in South Dakota by noon (fingers crossed). Any book suggestions for the flight?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

We were driving to work today and a car darted into traffic from a driveway. Donnie stopped and the car entering traffic stopped with the front half of the car in our lane and then honked at us. The driver then shook his finger at us, pulled up to Donnie’s window, rolled his window down and said, “Slow down, asshole” then called us several other names (which really makes one wake up at the early morning hour) and then pulled away. Um, Mister Friendly, WE had the right of way on the street…YOU were pulling into traffic and trust me we weren't speeding. Sigh…

Favorite recent facebook posting: My nephew is 14 and around 3pm one day he updated his profile to show that he was “in a relationship.” At 7pm that same night another update appeared that he was “single.” Ah, young love.

New favorite Bug-ism: if I tell him something that begins “when I was a little girl” he corrects me, “No, Mommy, you’re funny, you mean when you were a little boy.”

I’m off to see the Black Eyed Peas tonight in a luxury box! (I think this is my first non-Bruce concert in 16 years.) I won tickets at a silent auction to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular but the performance was canceled because of the 17” of snow we had that weekend. So…I was offered a choice of other performances and I selected the Black Eyed Peas over the Harlem Globetrotters. I decided to wear a funky dress that I can only describe as my I Dream of Jeannie dress because it would be perfect to wear if Jeannie were hosting a party with her hippie groovy 1970s friends, which would no doubt shock Major Nelson when he arrives home from his astronaut duties.
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

celebrating #1

I've spent a good part of the day in the bathroom but (for once) it's a good thing. Bug has been going potty ON the potty! He asked to go once last night and today he's been very good about telling us he has to go...and very productive. Certainly not the weekend plans I expected but I'll take them.

Friday, February 19, 2010

my day in short

I was at work for more than an hour before I realized I was wearing my shirt backwards. Sigh...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Party Time

Today is Bug's Valentine's Day party...late because of the snow storms last week. It's his first school party and he had to make a Valentine's Day box. I put construction paper on a shoe box and let him decorate it. He made a couple of lines with a marker, used lots of glue with a few decorations attached (but more glue than decorations). I wrote his name on the box and he decorated that, too.

He was SO proud of his Valentine's Day box. While he was gluing things he paused, looked at me and said, "the kids at school are gonna love this." It was so cute to see him strut around because HE made the box. I know that if I were at the party I would see several boxes made by parents that are beautiful and creative but my favorite would still be the one made by my little boy.

I decided not to make cookies last night for his party which gave me more time to eat chocolate before lent started today so this morning I was working double time to get them done. As Donnie was heading off to work, I was in the kitchen with a mixing bowl in my arms and cookies cooling on the counter. He kissed me goodbye and said, "Bye, June, have a good day, dear." We're far from the Cleaver family but for just a moment it felt like Ward, June and the Beaver (there's no way Bug could be Wally).

Then Donnie was out the door and Bug refused to get dressed, I nearly burned the last batch of cookies, our babysitter was late...and clearly I was no longer June.

I can't wait to ask Bug about the party but I'm sure I'll get the answer that I usually get when I ask about school: a little boy has the same shirt as me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sleep vs Nighttime

While Bug has been back on a pretty good sleeping schedule, he had a long night recently. It made me think the only way to describe it is to look at it as a wrestling tag-team match with two against one. Here we go:

In this corner bedroom, wearing mismatched jammies and weighing in at 42 pounds is Bug. In the other corner bedroom, wearing comfy clothes and weighing in a bit more than they should are Mommy and Daddy.

It begins with Bug screaming for Mommy...wait...there's a cry for Daddy, too (yay, I say). Donnie gets out of bed only to be shooed away by Bug in Bug's room. (Night terrors again?) Donnie tries to calm him down but screams of "I want Mommy" are heard and soon Bug and Donnie appear in our room. Bug screams, kicks and cries for several minutes before calming down even a little and finally the tag is made.

I take over. Bug refuses to return to his room so we move to the TV room to snuggle on the couch. He quiets down and things seem good until he spies the icicles hanging from the roof that are visible in the second story window. He's convinced they're awake and wants to say hi through an open window. After much negotiating about the window (it stayed shut), convincing him why the TV needs to be off (all his TV friends really are sleeping at 1am) and maneuvering (it's a small-ish sofa), both of us are cozy on the couch, under a blanket ready for sleep.

In a surprise move Bug changes his mind and wants demands that Donnie sit with him in the rocking chair. Hesitant to make a tag at this late stage but tired from the late night match, the tag happens and Donnie is back in the ring. The two fellas are now snuggling in the chair telling stories while I'm resting comfortably in my cozy bed. There's a little commotion but within thirty minutes there is silence and the invisible referee must have counted to three declaring it over. Donnie returns to bed feeling victorious.

A bit later Bug cries "Mommy, I want to sleep in your bed." It's not a tag this time but a new round. It's a short one...both sides are tired and up for very little struggle. After a few hugs and several kisses, Bug is sound asleep--in his bed.

There's no champion decided and there's already talk of a rematch.

Friday, February 12, 2010

F-Bomb Friday

After our car wouldn't start this morning, I knocked on a neighbor's door to ask him to jump the car, which he did in his jammies. Our 7-mile commute took an hour and 20 minutes. Fridays are typically the day I don't work but thought I would be a true-blue employee and come in since we've been closed all week. On the walk from Donnie's office--we work 2 blocks apart--I almost wiped out in a snow bank. Luckily, my mamapurse saved me. Bright spot of the day so far: my hot chocolate was VERY good.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Bug,

Work with me. Say this: "Daddy."

Now repeat it a few times so it rolls off your tongue easily. Got it?

Great! Now you can call to Daddy or go to his side of the bed every few mornings. He can get your breakfast, bribe you to get on the potty change your diaper and even turn on the TV! Yessir, Daddy can do all of that and he's ready and eager to hang out with you in the early morning hours and probably feels a little extra sleep wouldn't be a bad idea for Mommy.

Remember, Mommy can't have all the fun.

Sleepy Mommy

Dear Snow,

High five and fist mitten bumps all around...DC broke the record for the snowiest winter ever! Woo hoo! The record had been in place since the 1800s so it took a lot of snow to reach this high (heh). When my neighbor told me the news I had a tear in my eye, but to be fair that may have been from the strong gust of wind that blew snow in my face while I was shoveling.

You're almost the same height as Bug and some of your drifts are as tall as I am. Streets are mostly unplowed, Metro isn't running above ground and buses are limited--if running at all. My office has been closed since Friday. No doubt about it, you're impressive.

We've become creative with games for Bug since you arrived. Today he played "let's empty the poker caddy and restack the chips and cards." The game lasted nearly 40 minutes--I think we've got a new family favorite!


Still a snow lover

Dear Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing fine with all the snow in DC. I heard Jersey got hit as well and hope you're okay. It's cold and we've been shoveling out but I've got your love music to keep me warm.

See you from mediocre seats at the next concert soon,

To whom it may concern,

In case you don't hear from me for a few days I've probably channeled my inner Laura Ingalls and decided to go for a walk. Donnie and I want to get chocolate a few essentials. I expect to see quite a few people trudging through the snow out and about mostly heading to an open Starbucks after being cooped up.



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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Maybe being snowed in since Saturday and shoveling a mountain of snow has affected my sleep/dreams or maybe it's the extra chocolate and wine I've been consuming at night. I often have interesting dreams but last night's dream was a doozy. Donnie left me for Alec Baldwin. Apparently, we lived in a high-rise building (with a hospital on the first floor but that was just a short scene in the dream). Alec was our downstairs neighbor so Donnie moved in with him and I kept our apartment upstairs. Alec, Donnie and I all got along well and it seemed like we may become cozy like Ashton, Demi and Bruce. My apartment was decorated with all kinds of Twilight stuff (I've not read a book or seen a movie so I'm not sure where I grabbed that from in my little head) and I had the Turbo Tax logo hanging on my wall (really, the Turbo Tax logo is how I decorate in my sleep? Good grief.) AND...if anyone is going to leave anyone for someone in my dreams...why didn't Bruce show up and why isn't he mine? (Meanwhile on the other side of the bed: Donnie had a dream we bought a house outside Sacramento.)

So this morning I told Donnie about my dream. A bit later he was wearing a shirt that I like so I commented on it. He said, "Thanks, Alec likes it too." bwahahahaha

Over the weekend I had a dream that I had to wait for Tony Soprano to show up and let him know that someone (his mother) was trying to kill him. It was a ugly scene plus try explaining that you know his mother died but still has a hit out on him. I can't imagine what will be dancing around in my head tonight when I hit the pillow.

Forecast for tonight and tomorrow: between 10 and 20 inches of snow. You know what this means, right? I need to get more wine. My fingers are crossed that we don't lose power.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowmaggedon, Snowpocalypse, Snowtorious...and other non-snow stuff

There are names flying all over the place for the blizzard that hit DC this weekend. We measured just over 28 inches in our area. Donnie and I have been shoveling and Bug announced this morning that it was his turn to shovel BY MYSELF. (In good time, little man, I'm guessing around 2017 you'll get your chance.) I'll post some pictures soon when I get my act together and can upload to my OWN computer...this is a loaner but I think you get the idea that our area is blanketed at the moment.

Bug saw the snow and decided Christmas is coming so we watched our share of holiday DVDs over the weekend and had hot chocolate (thank God I remembered to get more whipped cream!). The one who doesn't care for the snow...little Miss Clara. Thirteen inches of dog and 28 inches of snow isn't a fair matchup for the little pup.

I'm still patting myself on the back for buying snowboots this winter! They've been tested a few times and are snugly warm. Good thing...we're supposed to get more snow this week. One report I saw said one inch...another said 5-10. This is why we're always surprised when we actually get snow in this area!

A big thanks to The Accidental Mommy for the Sunshine Award...perfect on a snowy day! Here's what goes along with the award:

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(Please be impressed that I did all the links. Bug has been frolicking around me the whole time coming over to type random letters here and there.)
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Someone (and a giveaway)

Dear Bug,

I get it: You. like. order. I was very pleased when you were playing quietly in your room. I should have known you were on a mission when you ran from room to room then back into your room and shut the door. When you called to show me what you had done, I was eager to see.

Did you notice the surprise on my face when I looked on your bed. There all lined up in one row were the tampon applicators. In another perfectly straight row were the tampons. All the wrappers were in the tucked neatly in the trash.



Dear CVS,

I'll be over soon. I need to stock up on tampons and put them on a higher shelf in my house.

Using my extra care card AGAIN

Dear Snow,

Are you really coming again tomorrow? This is been a real winter for us! Nearly twenty inches of snow in December (it's okay that you ruined altered my weekend plans--it was nice to see you and shoveling was invigorating). Five inches earlier this week after making snowballs with Bug was perfect!

I'm not sure I believe you'll be back this weekend with 12 inches or more but I'll be watching! If you do visit, I'll make sure there's plenty of hot chocolate in the house after we've played together (wine, too).


PS. Have you heard Bug singing "Frosty the Mommy?"

Dear Work,

What a fun time it's been! We released a new book last week and another one is going to the printer tomorrow. This week has been filled with edits, corrections, cover proofs, copyright issues...all fun stuff. I can't wait for that new book smell to arrive!


Dear Everyone,

Kristen Chase of Motherhood Uncensored has agreed to sign a copy of her new book, The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex for a giveaway (don't you love signed books?!).

From amazon: Kristen proves that there is more to motherhood than diapers and timeouts. Good moms can be sexy mamas with just a little mominatrix training!

Leave a comment for a chance to win the book and I'll pick a winner on Monday, February 8.


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Monday, February 1, 2010

Terrible Twos into Testing Threes = Mixed-Up Mommy

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When Bug was about 18 months old I thought the terrible twos kicked in. Some moms told me the twos are easy compared to the's just that no one talks about that.

Here we are snugly in the world of three and I now fully understand what those moms meant. Two had is moments but three seems to have its days and nights. Bug knows more words so I expected communication might be easier but so far that's not the case. Silly me I thought there would be a little bit of reasoning too. (I can hear you laughing...) He also communicates by hitting (luckily, at this point the biting seems to have halted).

Bug can't spend a whole day in time out. Well, actually, he could for the number of times he doesn't listen but that's not effective. It seems Bug has become his very own little version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I don't recall the details of the story so I don't remember if Jekyll had warning when Hyde would appear. In our play, which is showing daily nonstop, Mr. Hyde shows up at any time without warning. It might be worth a ticket if any of you miss these days or want to see a meltdown--mine or Bug's--it's often a surprise.

Here's a for instance...we went to the Natural History Museum over the weekend so Bug could see the dinosaurs. We didn't expect to be there long--just long enough for Bug to see a few things, feel like it was an adventure and leave. He had fun...remembered Curious George and Caillou go to the 'zeum, too, and thought it was great. Without prompting, he said hello to several security guards and told them to have a nice day.

As we were leaving, he lost it. Why? Not because he didn't want to go outside and see the snow that was coming down but because we left through the doors marked "EXIT" and not the same doors that we used to enter the museum. (Have I mentioned Bug likes order? He came in THOSE doors so he wants to leave through THOSE doors. That wasn't possible in this case because there are metal detectors and the security guards directed us to the other doors--you know, the ones marked EXIT.)

He screamed on the walk back to the car, which seemed much longer than only a block with the high-pitched vocals (side note: terrific parking spot on a Saturday in downtown DC! Woo hoo!). Many parents gave me smiles hiding their thoughts of "thank God it's not my kid this time."

I know people (parents and children) survive the threes. I've gone to Hallmark stores and seen the cards that say, "Touchdown, Home Run, Score...happy birthday, you're FOUR" and I've seen plenty of four-year-old kids and even older kids and realize they all were three once.

A week or so ago I have proof that Bug listened to something I said. I was in the kitchen and heard Donnie enter the TV room after Bug had confiscated the remote and screwed up the TV. Donnie said, "Dammit." Bug's response in his most serious tone, "Don't say dammit, Daddy. Mommy says that's not nice." A short-lived victory for the etiquette patrol.

Tell me about the days that are to come. You know...the ones about the fantastic fours, fabulous fives, super sixes, sensational sevens, etc. Just don't talk to me about the teen years. I can't think about those yet.