Monday, June 28, 2010

Camp: Day 1

Bug’s off to camp today. Poor little guy is convinced he’ll take a bus to camp and sleep in a tent and there’s no convincing him that it’s really a four block walk to a four-hour camp. So this morning as I was packing up his required items:

Lunch: Check
EpiPen, Benadryl and instructions: Check
One change of clothes: Check
Sunscreen: Check
Bug spray (for insects not for my son): Check
T-shirt to tie-dye: Check

Bug packed his own bag: six pairs of new underwear. I guess a camper can never be too prepared.

Friday, June 25, 2010

F-Bomb Friday...the high school edition

I was on the gymnastics team in high school and we had meets nearly every weekend. I was always on the beam, sometimes on the floor, occasionally on the bars and NEVER on the vault. I practiced the vault but hated didn't feel comfortable and I always seemed to juuuuuuust not quite have the skill for it. But my coach wanted me to compete in all events for future meets so she always made me practice the vault.

You know where this is going, don't you? this particular meet, one of our vaulters wasn't there. I don't recall if she was sick or hurt herself in warm-ups but at the last minute my coach asked me to fill in. I panicked am a team player so I said yes. If it had been the floor or bars, I would have been fine...I always had those routines ready but the vault...say it ain't so.

Coach told me into doing the easiest vault to get points...nothing risky...basically just get over the vault. This was pre-Kerri Strug so I had no Olympic moment to use as motivation just the oh-so-powerful fear of high school humiliation.

I did the first vault without embarrassing myself and was feeling pretty good about the second one. I started my run, picked up speed, lost my footing as I neared the springboard and went chest first into the vault. I didn't go over it...I went into it and I stood there dazed a bit. After remembering that I needed to acknowledge the judges, I looked at my coach who was doubled over laughing. From then on I stuck to the comfort of the 4"-wide beam.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

the little things

Last night I felt like...take your pick ------> a couple of crazy kids, newlyweds, a carefree couple.

Why? We went out on an unexpected date! We were driving home from work (we commute together because our jobs are two blocks apart) and I said, "Remember the pre-dog and pre-Bug days when we would go out for dinner right after work if we felt like it? Wouldn't it be great if we could do that tonight?" I was craving a burrito and a margarita. (Okay, I craving a margarita and a burrito didn't sound bad at all.)

We talked about asking the sitter to stay but then realized the babysitting fee would be more than our dinner because we would have to pay overtime since she had already watched Bug all day. We decided the next time we knew our neighbors were working late, we would make plans for an early date (we have a nanny share so we split babysitting fees...and this way we split overtime as well.) The thought of being as spontaneous as parents can be when it comes to going out almost having a date was fun while it lasted and I could practically see the margarita being delivered to our table. Sigh...

Donnie went next door to get Bug but Bug wanted to stay and play with his pal. The sitter said that the other parents were working late and she didn't mind keeping Bug, too. Donnie ran came home and said, "Let's go!"

All of a sudden, we were at the restaurant and I didn't have to imagine that was there ON MY TABLE and it was all mine! It may sound like a simple little thing but it was terrific and just what I wanted.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June is the new August

so to keep cool I'm thinking back to February...

Friday, June 18, 2010


It's quiet in my house. Bug's at school (with gifts for teachers--thanks for all your suggestions--and cookies for the class) and Donnie's at work.

Soon, or at least in the three-hour window I was given, the cable guy will show up and then a few short hours later our TV stand should be delivered. In the meantime the silence is beautiful and I'm forced to be here. Sure, I could do laundry--but the pile isn't overwhelming--or clean my closet--unlikely--or get on the treadmill--actually, that's not an option because I wouldn't hear the "We're on our way" phone call from the cable company...and if I don't answer they don't show up. It's looking like the best option is grabbing a book and enjoying the morning--SCORE!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


In the category of what I didn't need or want today...trying to figure out the best way to get poop out of an off-white upholstered dining room chair would be at the top of the list. For the record, I wanted a different fabric on the chairs seven years ago when we bought them but the only option was to have them redone, which seemed silly because they were new. Of course, at the time I was worried about red wine or some fabulous sauce staining the fabric not, y'know, #2.

While our sitter said it can't be poop and then explained the bathroom activities of the boys for the past couple of days, I was scratching my head trying to figure this out. (She watches Bug and our neighbors' son so there are two stinky suspects here.)

Then, in a true Nancy Drew moment, I think I solved The Mystery of the Poopy Chair. I had forgotten that when we arrived home from work yesterday we saw that the little girl had pooped in the house, which is pretty rare. So, all I can come up with is that one of the 3-year-olds may have touched the poop out of curiosity (I know, eeeewwwww, but they're THREE and BOYS) and then wiped their paws clean on the dining room chair.

So, long story short, when you come to my house for dinner: don't be surprised if we have five matching dining room chairs and one funky folding chair.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts (and a call for help)

Bug wore big boy underwear for the first time yesterday. I was so happy to find out that there were no accidents during the day and that he was still wearing the same dry undies when I returned from work. Of course, after my arrival he was playing with his buddy in our backyard and had an accident…but all in all a good first day. (Today he specifically requested “Cowboy and Rope” pull-ups…)

Vacation is one month from today!

Last week a neighbor sent an email to the neighborhood offering a free 42” TV (her sister is moving and not taking it with her)…and we got it! I’m so excited because we’ve been talking about getting a TV for our living room but were procrastinating--and it somehow paid off this time. We rearranged the furniture and bought a TV stand over the weekend. Both the cable guy and the TV stand are coming on Friday so we should be able to become couch potatoes in a new room soon!

Why does spellcheck in blogger think that contractions are wrong? I'm I am not as formal as blogger thinks I should be.

Since this is Bug’s first year at preschool, I’m new to teacher gifts. What is the price range? What do you usually give? There’s one aide in his class and an administrative assistant for the school that I think should also receive gifts. I’m guessing the head of the school doesn’t receive a gift…or am I wrong about that? Any tips or ideas are very welcome/needed. Thanks!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes Bug

This weekend Bug said to me in that sweet three-year-old voice:

"Mommy, you're in the middle of my heart."

It almost makes up for the 289 occasions he was in time out on Saturday and Sunday. Sigh...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Bug,

Most of the time I appreciate that you’re a child with an opinion. I know you don't understand this but the Pull-Ups package isn’t filled with the “Cowboy and Rope” Pull-Ups--there are other designs as well. I know Cowboy and Rope is your preference (because you demand it every single time) but you need to wear the other ones, too. See, lookie here: Woody and Buzz TOGETHER...isn't that great?!Yeah, I know, it’s not what you want. I hear it every day. You know what I want? (Do you care?) How about you use the potty MORE and we can toss all of the Pull-Ups (including Cowboy and Rope) and you can wear big boy underwear? Sound good? I'll buy Cowboy underwear, I swear...


Dear Huggies,

Any chance I can special order packages of Pull-Ups with one design? It would make my mornings, afternoon and evenings life easier and my little boy a lot happier.

I’m begging you Sincerely,

Dear Summertime,

It looks like this is a good season for books. My long list of must reads is growing by the day. If Bug and I could figure a few things out, I wouldn’t need to spend time reading 1-2-3 Magic read the toddler books and could focus on all those novels calling out to me.

Now I just need a long vacation to go with that list so I can find the time to absorb every word (and maybe a few rays, too).

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Giving this relationship another try

I feel like we need to ease into things this time. It was a harsh breakup last year with no warning. No "I need a break" or "It's not you, it's me" although once when I passed by I thought I heard, "If you loved me, you'd do it." (I didn't fall for that--my mom would be so proud.)

It was good for a few months and I felt we really connected. Then one day it was over--I was just done--and the ending wasn't pretty (neither was the weight gain that often comes after a break up).

So, now I'm going to take things a little slower. I'm not rushing out to buy new clothes for our time together like I've done in the past (although I want could always use a new pair of shoes). I'll wear the same outfits that are now snug that I've worn plenty of times before...I'm not trying to impress anyone.

Aren't we always a bit more cautious on the second or thirty-ninth or eighty-seventh time around? It's never been about love at first sight (AT ALL) but I'm hoping this time to reach a point where I'm comfortable with more commitment on my part. Maybe even being a bit more forgiving on this go 'round--we don't need to see each other on a daily basis but a few times a week would be good--or at least a good start.

I recognize that relationships have their share of pain and this one is no different. For me, it's always most noticeable in the beginning when I'm trying to figure things out. Oh, and there is real pain now. But once the damn treadmill and I get through this stage of getting reacquainted(again...sigh) and are on friendly terms, I'd welcome a bit of a honeymoon phase.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

cap & gown in another town

I went to my nephew's high school graduation this weekend. It meant a solo flight (hello reading time!), a short getaway (less than 48 hours) and lots of fun. I hadn't seen my nephew Jackson in more than a year and when I arrived at the house his big hug nearly lifted me off the welcome I've had anywhere in a very long time!

Friday night my brother and I went to his cabin on a nearby lake. (The graduate had plans with surprise...and my sister-in-law's son was arriving that night.) I hadn't seen the cabin before. It was great...a bit of time to chat about all kinds of things and generally get caught up while going on a boat ride and later grilling steaks.

Back at the house, I slept in my nephew's old room...with his pet snake much too close for comfort (eewwwww). The snake is named for Sid Vicious. 'Nuff said (says the woman who named a puppy after Sid Vicious many, many years ago). I only woke up three times to make sure Sid was still safe and sound on the other side of the glass from me.

I'm such a sucker for graduations...I would cry if I didn't know anyone getting a diploma and turning his/her tassel. After a nice dinner out with the family, Jack announced he was meeting up with friends. I quickly said, "that sounds like fun, I'll join you!" The look on his face that his aunt would even think of going out with him on graduation night was worth the whole trip! He was SO relieved when he found out I was kidding but for a moment I could see him using those smarts that earned him the diploma to come up with a kind, respectable reason why I should stay home with the rest of the old timers.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home again

Highlights of our trip:

Spending time with my mom
Seeing Bug give kisses to Grandma T
Being fast enough--often enough--to stop and/or guide Bug while steering Grandma T’s wheelchair
Spending time with family
Hearing Bug sing “Let My People Go” in a catholic nursing home
Having a date night with Donnie
Getting two (good!) steak dinners, wine and dessert for $45
Watching Bug play with his cousins and mixing up their names so often that he started referring to one of them as “that guy”
Eating at Taco John’s (more than once but who’s counting)
Eating at the Dairy Queen (more than once but who’s counting)
Taking Mom to see some of her friends in my hometown
Hearing Bug tell stories to the ladies in the nursing home
Watching Twins games on TV
Running into high school friends
Hearing my 16-year-old nephew tell me he loves me
Realizing that Bug listened to me and didn't kick the seat in front of him on the plane (thankyouverymuch!)

Of course there were some challenging moments as well but we survived and while I’m happy to be sleeping in my own bed again I’m so (SO) glad we made the trip.