Monday, October 11, 2010

the slow creepy fox walked through the nice park

The other day we decided to pack a picnic and head off to the National Arboretum. It's beautiful and we rarely go there but it seemed a perfect day to be outside so off we went. As we settled in for our picnic, I noticed something about 30 feet from me walking toward a tree.

He was slinking forward, low to the ground. Enough so that I didn't realize it was a fox at first. His front half looked in tact but the back of his body was mangy. There were other people having picnics and some waiting for shuttle buses--all staring at the animal--and taking photos. Mangy Fox found something to eat on the ground but was skittish and looking around, very protective of his snack.

After he nibbled for a bit, he walked closer to the arboretum grounds (hello, tourists!), which also meant he was closer to us...about 20 feet and seemed to look me in the eyes curious to know what we had to eat--or more accurately--what he could eat. My mind was racing how to protect Bug if Mangy Fox came after us. Luckily, the creature (as Bug called him) kept walking but taunting all of us by turning around and glaring every few feet.

After our lunch, we toured a bit of the arboretum with one eye on the lookout for the creature. Before we left, Bug saw a couple making out in the park. I don't know which captured his attention more: the creature or the couple. No matter's always a good day when you don't get rabies.


  1. I don't think I've been that close to a roaming fox! As for the PDA I saw two kids {and by kids they looked all of 10} hanging out in front of an ice cream shoppe making out and I have to say I was totally freaked out. I wanted to hand them my screaming Monkey and ask them if they were ready for that! ;-)

  2. Did you notify a park ranger or anyone? Is it normal to have foxes in the arboretum?

    We had one in my neighborhood a while back. I had to go through my mental catalog to make sure I was calling it correctly; orange, long fuzzy tail, kind of skulky? Fox!

  3. LOL! Good thing he didn't catch anything from either situation!

  4. Yes. You're right. From now on I'll be sure to be thankful at the end of the day for not getting rabies. :)

    I have never seen a fox in real life. That's kinda neat!

  5. I'm not even sure I'd recognize a fox if I saw it outside a book or the zoo, lol.

    I would however recognize a couple making out.

  6. The couple. The couple would definitely disturb me more than the fox. Blech.

  7. Its always a good day when you dont get rabies for sure