Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm late but there's a winner

Yes, I was going to post a winner yesterday but that didn't get done.--skip to the bottom for that late breaking news. I'm back from my trip. On the last day as we were waiting to get on a shuttle golf cart to get our rental car, I decided I should at least look at the water since I was in the area. I walked to the balcony outside the lobby and got a view of the Caribbean. It was lovely but I was done and ready to go back home.

I arrived home around 11 so Bug was sleeping. I not-so-secretly hoped he would wake up during the night a pretty safe bet these days so I could say hi. He didn't disappoint. I heard him about 1:30 and he wandered into our room as I was getting up to see him. He saw me and hugged/fell into was sweet. I decided that he should come and snuggle in our bed. That morning this is what I awoke to:

Bug: Mommy, do you know how much I love you? I'm gonna show you...but first I have to get this pookie out of my nose."

(Pause while I wait for the nosepicking to end and find a tissue...sigh)

Bug: THIS much (with arms spread out as far as possible).

That tops a view of the water any day. There's no place like home.

So, No Whey, Mama, you won the PB&J cake mold. I'm going to look for your address because I know I have it from last year but I'm becoming increasingly disorganized (or unorganized...I can never remember which is correct) so please email it to me. Happy baking! (P.S. Have you heard of/tried The Divvies Bakery Cookbook: No Eggs, No Nuts, No Dairy...Just Delicious! thought you might be interested if you don't have it.)


  1. HA! I love that Bug story.

    And wow! Thank you! I'll email you. No, I don't have that cookbook, but I've heard good things about it. I'll have to add it to my Christmas wish list.

  2. That story about Bug, that is awesome. Way better than the stupid water anyway.

  3. That is so sweet!! Welcome home!

  4. That Bug is such a sweetie...pookie and all!