Monday, November 8, 2010

Celebrating Families

The weekend is over. Two days like all other weekends except this was a biggie. Eleven months ago I agreed to co-chair an adoption gala to celebrate the anniversary of our adoption agency (it's the oldest in the area) and the benefit was Saturday night. In many ways it's hard to believe the event has come and gone and in others it's a relief.

We passed the targeted goal of attendees and the night was truly wonderful. with a fun silent auction. The volunteer mom who designed the centerpieces had such great vision and detail that the room was stunning.

Donnie's parents came down to attend the gala and friends came as well. Our table was filled with people close to our hearts and most of us were in tears at one part or another during the program (particularly the video showing 65 years of families created through adoption). As a co-chair I actually had to stand on stage (ugh). Thankfully, I didn't have to speak because public speaking is such a fear that my nervousness would have ruined the night for me.

The preparations for the event were moving along well when it occurred to me--a couple of weeks ago--that my biggest issue was: what to wear. I don't have cocktail dresses in my closet. I finally decided to look through the clothes I have that my mother wore in the 1960s. She had some beautiful things that I call her "Jackie Kennedy collection." Most are spring outfits but there was a long black dress with a black/gold top and funky bow that I decided would be nice. I had the formal cut to a cocktail length and a few other minor adjustments and my outfit was done. I told my mom I was having the dress altered and she said that was fine because 1.) she couldn't remember the dress and 2.) she didn't think she would be wearing it anytime soon. I found her response adorable considering she gave me these dresses years ago and Mom is now in a nursing home.

When I wore it, older women said it was timeless. Younger women said it was "Mad Men." And a waiter stopped me to tell me it was beautiful. To me it was like having a piece of my mom with me on a special night about family.


  1. How lovely.

    (We'd love to see a picture!)

  2. the night sounds so special and wonderful and the dress (and all those clothes) sound gorgeous. i second the above commenter-bring on a picture!

  3. Girl, I want to see the dress. :)
    And I would love if you could show us the video of 65 years of making families!!