Monday, November 1, 2010

things I heard last week...

at the courthouse:

woman in the security line to enter the building: I wish this line would move faster. I have to be in divorce court at 9:30 and I DON'T want to be married to that man for another year.

my number called for the jury pool.

the judge speaking to me during the voie dire process when asked if I had any attorneys in my family: You're surrounded by lawyers.

the judge: We have our jury. (I was #9.)

the prosecuting attorney: The defendant is a drug dealer.

the defense attorney: The defendant is NOT a drug dealer.

the judge: go back and deliberate some more.

standing at the bus stop:

woman: I went trick-or-treating as a child and a woman put the witchcraft on me. I wanted to slap her but I knew I couldn't 'cause she was old. But now if I do something weird in a dream I know it's the witchcraft.

same woman: I think my boyfriend slept with his mother.

on Halloween:

Bug (as Woody right before we went trick-or-treating): I don't wanna wear the cowboy hat. I'm gonna wear the pirate hat and be Pirate Woody.

Bug's pal (as a T-Rex): Do police arrest dinosaurs?


  1. now I know why I have so many bad dreams.

    pssst. I need know: 'voie dire'?


  2. Wow, I need to listen to the world around me more often. Or maybe I shouldn't.

  3. Now the real question, did you say yes they arrest dinosaurs.....just to make them behave?

  4. Omagosh. That lady WAS CRAZY!!!!
    And I rather like the idea of a Pirate Woody.

  5. LOL! You stand around strange people...

  6. That woman at the bus stop is NUTS! Hahahahaha! The witchcraft...