Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kindle, Nook or Printed Book? That is my question

I'm thinking, thinking, thinking about getting an eReader. It seems everyone I know who has one loves it. I've been hesitant to get one and I know for me it's simply because I've worked in publishing/books so long that I feel it's somehow a betrayal to the industry because I won't buy as many printed books. Plus I worry I'll miss holding the actual book in my hands and I love the look, feel and smell of new books...and old books.

I have a gift card and wanted to use it on something that I might not otherwise buy for myself and thought a Kindle would be great...or maybe a Nook. If I traveled more, I'm sure I would have purchased one long ago. I often curse my reading addiction when I'm packing for a trip...three or four books can take up space in a carry-on or tote, weigh the bag down and give me a sore shoulder. But...when I'm lying in bed, do I want to curl up with an e-reader instead of a book?

Any thoughts? Do you have an eReader? Do you love it? Against them altogether? Should I just buy some fabulous shoes instead?!


  1. I've thought a lot about this and have a blog post brewing about it.
    I'm still undecided, but I do think there is an ipad in my near future, to which I will download books.
    As much as I want to resist them, the ebooks are everywhere. My Kindergartner reads books online for homework and his account his monitored by the teacher. Paperless classrooms are popping up.
    Like it or not, here we go.


    I had the same concerns as you because I thought I'd miss the 'real' book experience; but I love being able to hold a lot of books in my light weight, easy to put in my purse, travel with, KINDLE.

    There are drawbacks: Book sharing is a pain. And now books are sometimes more expensive than paperback... something to do with publishers setting the price. But I would hands down recommend a KINDLE. (Or a NOOK. That came out after I got my KINDLE, so I'd investigate that as well if I were you!)

  3. Funny you should post about this, I just got a nookColor two days ago. I'm like you, I love to feel a book, hold it, smell it all that jazz. i absolutely have a book fetish/addiction. i don't know that i will download all of my future books to my nook, but i have found several books on my "to read" list that are free on the nook. so that's a plus.

    also, i've found it's more like an iPad. i can get on FB, check mail, shop, upload pics, videos, etc. i love it so far. and i would really recommend a nook over a kindle - barnes and noble has classes and people on staff that you can take your nook to and get help or advice. i love that!

    OH and while you're inside a B & N you can read any book for free!

    no, i didnt get paid so say all these nice things ;) i just like it that much!

  4. I love my kindle, but I still read mostly library books. I am really tempted by an iPad, though.

  5. I don't know yet. An eReader sounds cool, but I love books so much (the physicality of them). I have this worried feeling that soon people won't have sought after libraries in their home anymore...something that I want someday. I'm going to stick with books for awhile.

  6. I bought my husband a knock off version of an e-reader and let me tell you, don't get the knock offs!!! It was so slow, he took it back. I'll try again at his birthday and get him a Kindle. I think he'll like that!

  7. I have a Nook and love it! They say the Nook Color beats them all. I don't have the color one, because the actual book isn't in color anyhow, but I do love that you can also read e-pub books on it and read in their bookstores for free.

  8. I will always love books of all kind. Any form of written word is awesome to me.
    I have a Kindle and I love it!

  9. I borrowed my Dad's Kindle when we went to the cottage for a week last summer. Imagine my glee when I realized I could just keep downloading books whenever I wanted - in the car, on the dock and late at night. Didn't see much of my family but I still want them to get me one for my birthday. I heard a comment during an ebook vs. the real thing that I thought was a great idea. How about when you buy a book you can then download the e version for when you travel?

  10. My mom - a reading junkie and a gadget junkie got a Kindle about a year or so ago. Can you say addict? I would guess her favorite thing is the ability to browse then own a new book in minutes. I haven't taken the plunge yet, myself.

  11. I have a nook, not the color one, and I love it!
    Same as the others, I love the smell and feel of a hardback book. However, being able to shove my ereader into my purse and go is fabulous. The cool skins and covers make your nook personalized to you and they are fun. I use mine seldom to get on the web, but I have used it. My 13 year old son uses his to get on Facebook quite often, he loves his. My 14 year old daughter is s a straight up reader, never uses the web on hers except to buy books, she adores hers also. I swear by the nook, never owned a Kindle. I will say it takes a little adjustment period to get over the mind set of holding a hardback in your hand. I mourned that a bit in my mind at first... but now.....when I am separated from my nook, it feels like my arm is missing. :oD

  12. im sort of against them because i just love, love, love holding books.

    my biggest concern is reading books in the bathtub. i do this pretty regularly and while i dont make a habit of dropping them in the water, if i were to do so, the cost wouldnt be that big of a deal. but if i dropped a kindle in the bath, id be pissed.