Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my hometown home state

When I tell people I grew up in South Dakota, these are the top three responses I receive:

1. I've never met anyone from South Dakota before. I bet I hear this 99% of the time. I get it. SD is a big state with a small population and apparently people think we don't get out of the state much.

2. What's it like growing up in North Dakota? I don't know why but this is very common question.

3. Wow, you don't have a southern accent at all. No, I don't, that's because I grew up in South Dakota.

I was at a party several years ago at my friend's house. Geri (my friend) wanted to set me up with a friend of her sister's. Apparently, the sister wanted to check me out first. They grew up in New York and were very proud to be New Yorkers. This was our initial conversation at the buffet table:

Sister: Oh, you're the one from Oklahoma, right?
Me: No, I'm not from Oklahoma.

A moment later (still at the buffet table)...

Geri to her sister: Did you meet Mary? She's the one we're setting up with ______ I forget his name.
Sister: Um, yeah, but she said she wasn't from Oklahoma.
Me: I'm not, I'm from South Dakota.
Sister: Eh, same difference.
Me: Really, did you grow up in Jersey?

I went to her level and made my point. The sister's face turned red and angry and for a second I expected to her to jump across the table. Score one for the woman without a drawl from one of the Dakotas.

Next week I'm going to SD to visit my mom. I had hoped to go over the past weekend but flights were too expensive so I booked my trip for early March. I'm rarely thankful for high-priced air travel but in hindsight those elevated rates were a blessing. I avoided the 18 inches of snow that arrived on Saturday. My brother and his wife were back for a visit. He said that the snowdrifts outside his window were taller than him. Good ol' South Dakota...18 inches of snow and their departing flight on Sunday was on time! I think I'll mention that next time someone asks where I'm from.

Meanwhile, I'm going to think good thoughts for warmer weather and less snow next week for my visit.


  1. A southern accent. bwahahahahaha.

    When my family moved from Virginia to Idaho, it was like we were moving to the frontier. And every day there was at least one explanation to someone that it wasn't Ohio or Iowa we were moving to.

    Happy Trails to you.

  2. You will have a great trip!! I'm from Sioux City and went to school in North Sioux City, SD. The weather should be fab! in the 40s I'll bet. Whenever my husband told someone he was from Iowa, they always asked if his dad is a hog farmer... Because apparently that's all we do here...

  3. Okay, that is so funny. I'm such an idgit that I always imagine SD and ND are way on the east coast. Yep. I's smartz.

  4. HA!!! I love the NJ quip! Brilliant. (For an Okie Southerner, that is... pfft.)

  5. I love your payback comment. So funny! People are ridiculous!

  6. LOVED your comeback to her. She deserved it!
    Good luck with all the snow. We've gotten a lot here too.