Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bits of nothing

I gave up sweets for lent and on the second day I had two separate dreams about eating candy and/or cookies.

Bug now calls farts "air poops."

I learned a couple of weeks ago that my job may be further downsized or possibly eliminated. Although if it happens it won't likely happen until July so I have plenty of time to fret over it.

I'm really ready for spring not so much the allergies that come along with the season though.

We are invited to Donnie's former girlfriend's daughter's wedding (that's a mouthful...there's probably an easier way to phrase that but I can't come up with it). The ex has already invited us to a dinner the night before with family (but not the wedding couple) and a few of her closest friends...the wedding is a few hours away and with babysitting issues, I doubt we'll go to that...just the wedding. I'm trying to prepare myself for awkward moments because I expect them to know they will happen.

All the thoughts in my head are just snippets of things. Not many things feel connected or finished (like this post, for example).

Bug's been waking up at least twice a night for a few weeks now. It's beyond old at this point. I'm longing for his good sleeping habits to kick in again.


  1. I'm impressed that you're going to the wedding!

  2. Not sure about the wedding, love the air poops!

  3. You can go to the wedding and a) be the mature, classy broad we all know you to be; or b) get drunk, talk about Air Poops and your confectionery dreams.

    I vote for B and then you post about it. :)

  4. I'd probably go and it would be awkward, but you're a classy lady and will pull it off with grace. :)