Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Receiving/Giving and a Dose of Randomness

I have a question for you. You so happy?

This is what I heard non-stop from Bug while on vacation. Or if we were in a car we heard it three or four times depending on the number of people present because he had to ask each person separately.

Bug, I'm so happy...lookie here...awards for me!

Thank you to Mama-Face at Blog Ignoramus and Shawn at Seriously for this!

Passing this along to blogs I stalk read.

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And thanks to Vivienne at The V Spot for this one! Don't you love a good tiara?!

And giving this to six more favorites:

Sane Without Drugs
Mama Goose
I'd Rather Be Laughing
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LLOL (Literally Laughing Out Loud)

I'm sure plenty of you have already received these awards--but not from me so here you go.

Random stuff of the day:

While we were driving to work this morning, there was a pedestrian darting across the street after the light changed. It reminded me of taking my driver's test to get my permit oh-so-many years ago. The driving/written exams were given once a month so you had to remember to get it done or wait another four weeks. I was 15 (in SD you can get a permit at 14 but I waited a year) and the question on the written test that I missed was:

If you're stopped at a red light and it changes to green but there's a pedestrian still in the crosswalk, what do you do?

It was a multiple choice test and this is the answer I selected:

Tap lightly on the horn to let the pedestrian know you're coming.

What, that's not correct? You should let the pedestrian cross the street before proceeding? Oh okay, fine. Lucky for me the driving test man didn't make me parallel park or I might not have a license yet.

I'm going to travel to California for work and have to book my flights soon. All I can think of is an In-n-Out burger. YUM....

Tonight Donnie and I have a mini-date! We're going to an author reading at Donnie's suggestion. Richard Russo is reading That Old Cape Magic.

No doubt the date will end with a trip to the grocery store. I'm not sure why but it seems all our recent dates wrap up by stopping for a few essentials before heading home. Not to worry, the romance is still alive it just needs to stop for milk and yogurt first.


  1. Congrats to you!! And one for me? Thanks!! And more importantly, thanks for your positive thoughts and assurance!

    Did you know Richard Russo is from Maine? I haven't read this one yet, but it looks great. Have fun tonight!

  2. The driver's ed question that I remember - or maybe it was a dream... 4 cars come to a 4 way stop at exactly the same time. Who goes first?

    My daughter is 14 and driving for us currently. Only 1 parent at a time in the car (and no other kids) as we don't want to orphan the kids all at once...
    She's doing good tho and gets to take driver's ed next summer.
    and I'm jealous of your date night!

  3. Yay!! An award. Thank you so much!

    I'm laughing at your drivers test answer. It was a trick question to phrase it so pleasantly!

  4. Manic Mommy, you're right! I remember the answer verbatim. It did sound so pleasant to tap lightly on the phone as in "yoo hoo, I'm coming..."

  5. Mmm, in and out burger! Make sure you get it "animal style".

    Have fun on your date! My husband and I are going on our first date tonight since our babe was born (almost 3 months with no dates. it's been soooo sexy!) Hooray for babysitters!

  6. Aw- Thanks! My very first award. Thank you for stalking me from the beginning.
    (and now I stalk you! with many smiles!)

  7. Congrats on the awards!!! Our dates lots of times consist of a quick trip to Wal-mart...sad!:-) Have a great Wednesday!

  8. I failed parallel parking when I took my test...still passed though. Must have been all those drivers ed classes driving that sweet Camaro that we got to drive.

    Thanks ...and congrats!

  9. I's like to thank the academy...no seriously, thanks. And congrats on your two awards. I heart your blog. Is it bad I don't remember anything about driver's ed or the test other than a cute boy I had a crush on? Hmm...

  10. Thank you Maggie!
    I saw that Richard Russo book in Borders yesterday, it looks good!
    Have you read "Straight Man" by him? It's pretty funny. :)
    I was reading your comment on the "would you rather..." on Kel's site and I have to tell you that one of these days I'm gonna do a post about the time I farted in class. Actually the TWO TIMES, it was HORRIBLE and let me tell ya, I couldn't just blame it on the person in front of me, which I tried, but when I turned to say, "EW, MICHELLE YOU REEK" she.wasn't.there.

  11. hey! Thanks so much for the award! yippeee!

    Hopefully one of the choices was: "Aim for the pedestrian after blaring the horn at them to give them fair warning."

  12. Ooh we love bulldogs. My dog Oskar has his own blog. www.OskarsBlog.com

    Have fun on your date. It doesn't matter if you end up at the grocery store, as long as your together & you're having fun!

    I'm dropping by from SITS to welcome you to the family!

  13. Well, yay, and thanks! I swear, one day I will have to have one of these in and out burgers because anyone who even goes near California ends up talking about them.

    My hubby and I end up at the grocery on date night a lot too--who can resist the siren song of shopping without a little one?

  14. Cute post! Congrats to all the awardees.

    Glad the romance is still alive! It's always better with yogurt.

  15. I love the queen award!! Thank you. I need one of the in and out burgers. Everyone seems to just love them.

    ...I will be so happy in 6 years when the youngest goes to college to live!!! He is a little mood swinging charmer.

  16. I take my test in two weeks. I hope I nail #15

  17. Thank you for the award! I so happy.

    I remember the one question on the written test that I missed too! "When making a right turn and there is a bike lane, what should you do?" Uh, make sure you don't hit the cyclist...?
    Oh. Merge into the bike lane and then turn. Who knew?

  18. I will have to check out some of those blogs. Thanks for sharing your favs. Our night out as a family always ends at the grocery store. I need to start making grocery lists. Thanks for stopping by my WW post. Those pics of lil' D were taken in about a 5 minute time frame. He was sitting on his trike, covering his eyes and whining. Then went off and rode a bit on the deck. He came back and still whined about posing, and after my constant begging, he caved. Take care.

  19. In-n-Out Burger - YEAH!! Fat Burger's pretty darn good too. Safe travels.

    Congrats on your awards!


  20. Thank you! What a nice welcome back gift!