Monday, February 15, 2010

Sleep vs Nighttime

While Bug has been back on a pretty good sleeping schedule, he had a long night recently. It made me think the only way to describe it is to look at it as a wrestling tag-team match with two against one. Here we go:

In this corner bedroom, wearing mismatched jammies and weighing in at 42 pounds is Bug. In the other corner bedroom, wearing comfy clothes and weighing in a bit more than they should are Mommy and Daddy.

It begins with Bug screaming for Mommy...wait...there's a cry for Daddy, too (yay, I say). Donnie gets out of bed only to be shooed away by Bug in Bug's room. (Night terrors again?) Donnie tries to calm him down but screams of "I want Mommy" are heard and soon Bug and Donnie appear in our room. Bug screams, kicks and cries for several minutes before calming down even a little and finally the tag is made.

I take over. Bug refuses to return to his room so we move to the TV room to snuggle on the couch. He quiets down and things seem good until he spies the icicles hanging from the roof that are visible in the second story window. He's convinced they're awake and wants to say hi through an open window. After much negotiating about the window (it stayed shut), convincing him why the TV needs to be off (all his TV friends really are sleeping at 1am) and maneuvering (it's a small-ish sofa), both of us are cozy on the couch, under a blanket ready for sleep.

In a surprise move Bug changes his mind and wants demands that Donnie sit with him in the rocking chair. Hesitant to make a tag at this late stage but tired from the late night match, the tag happens and Donnie is back in the ring. The two fellas are now snuggling in the chair telling stories while I'm resting comfortably in my cozy bed. There's a little commotion but within thirty minutes there is silence and the invisible referee must have counted to three declaring it over. Donnie returns to bed feeling victorious.

A bit later Bug cries "Mommy, I want to sleep in your bed." It's not a tag this time but a new round. It's a short one...both sides are tired and up for very little struggle. After a few hugs and several kisses, Bug is sound asleep--in his bed.

There's no champion decided and there's already talk of a rematch.


  1. Oh geez...this battle sucks, I hate this battle. Looong nights for sure.

  2. Oh no. That does not sound like fun. I never did care for wrestling. ;)
    Hope tonight is better!

  3. but at least you got bug sleeping in his bed--i'd say that's a win for mommy!

  4. What a great post!! "In a surprise move"...I'm sure you get a lot of those.

    He'll grow out this, I promise.

  5. ps I'm trying to read the upper left book's title on your shelfari. Will you please share it with me?

  6. When people talked about kids interrupting your sleep, I thought they meant for the first few months, no, it's for years.

  7. Ugh. My eyelids are heavy reading the story because staying up with a little one at night is sooo tiring. Kudos for keeping him in his bed. We're waaay to lazy and just let them sleep in our room. Sometimes in our bed (depending on the size of the child). Victory is yours!