Monday, February 1, 2010

Terrible Twos into Testing Threes = Mixed-Up Mommy

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When Bug was about 18 months old I thought the terrible twos kicked in. Some moms told me the twos are easy compared to the's just that no one talks about that.

Here we are snugly in the world of three and I now fully understand what those moms meant. Two had is moments but three seems to have its days and nights. Bug knows more words so I expected communication might be easier but so far that's not the case. Silly me I thought there would be a little bit of reasoning too. (I can hear you laughing...) He also communicates by hitting (luckily, at this point the biting seems to have halted).

Bug can't spend a whole day in time out. Well, actually, he could for the number of times he doesn't listen but that's not effective. It seems Bug has become his very own little version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I don't recall the details of the story so I don't remember if Jekyll had warning when Hyde would appear. In our play, which is showing daily nonstop, Mr. Hyde shows up at any time without warning. It might be worth a ticket if any of you miss these days or want to see a meltdown--mine or Bug's--it's often a surprise.

Here's a for instance...we went to the Natural History Museum over the weekend so Bug could see the dinosaurs. We didn't expect to be there long--just long enough for Bug to see a few things, feel like it was an adventure and leave. He had fun...remembered Curious George and Caillou go to the 'zeum, too, and thought it was great. Without prompting, he said hello to several security guards and told them to have a nice day.

As we were leaving, he lost it. Why? Not because he didn't want to go outside and see the snow that was coming down but because we left through the doors marked "EXIT" and not the same doors that we used to enter the museum. (Have I mentioned Bug likes order? He came in THOSE doors so he wants to leave through THOSE doors. That wasn't possible in this case because there are metal detectors and the security guards directed us to the other doors--you know, the ones marked EXIT.)

He screamed on the walk back to the car, which seemed much longer than only a block with the high-pitched vocals (side note: terrific parking spot on a Saturday in downtown DC! Woo hoo!). Many parents gave me smiles hiding their thoughts of "thank God it's not my kid this time."

I know people (parents and children) survive the threes. I've gone to Hallmark stores and seen the cards that say, "Touchdown, Home Run, Score...happy birthday, you're FOUR" and I've seen plenty of four-year-old kids and even older kids and realize they all were three once.

A week or so ago I have proof that Bug listened to something I said. I was in the kitchen and heard Donnie enter the TV room after Bug had confiscated the remote and screwed up the TV. Donnie said, "Dammit." Bug's response in his most serious tone, "Don't say dammit, Daddy. Mommy says that's not nice." A short-lived victory for the etiquette patrol.

Tell me about the days that are to come. You know...the ones about the fantastic fours, fabulous fives, super sixes, sensational sevens, etc. Just don't talk to me about the teen years. I can't think about those yet.


  1. Uh. Since my boys are being brats at this point, I don't know if I have any words of comfort. :/

  2. i truly think it doesnt get better until you can reason with the kid, around 4-5. um...hang in there.
    as a side note, when my son was younger, if he heard a "bad" word, he almost instinctively knew not to say it. my daughter on the other hand, talks non stop and will repeat anything and everything. there are times cursing is almost natural to her. keep in mind shes only 5.
    the other day she opened the refrigerator door and was looking around for a yogurt. when i told her that her brother ate the last one, she said "dammit! i was gonna eat that." its quite a struggle keeping her mouth in check.

  3. Ugh. Toddlers. So charming, but so crazy sometimes. Miss A is pretty easy going, but every once she just goes into overload. If only her reset button was easy to find.

  4. All I have for you is that three AND A HALF has been much worse than three with Grasshopper.

    On second thought, that's probably not what you wanted to hear, so please disregard! ;)

  5. We are just starting the fours here, so I don't have any uplifting words of wisdom for you (yet). I'm hanging on by a thread. I think we'll round the corner soon, just not sure if it will be closer to 5 or after we turn 5....

  6. I always found 3 to be a very difficult age. I'd take teenagers any day.

  7. All three of my girls are great kids. But, my middle daughter....well, she's my "spirited" one. She was the fit thrower of the three, and by far the most stubborn. Her threes were the hardest for me. In fact, now that I think about it, all three of the girls went through a lot of changes around that time. I'm dealing with a pre-teen right now. I'll take that over a 3 year old, any day! ;)

  8. Well, let's see here, Jayce started his terrible 2's at 5 months old, and he still is in that stage at the age of 6. Sorry!

  9. Funny how when you're three things like that really do seem like perfectly rational things to get upset about, too.

  10. My friend's son is turning four next week. If he makes it. Odds are about 50/50 right now. She asked me(begged actually) to tell her that four was easier than three.

    I was able to honestly answer that yes, it is. Not sunshine and roses but compared to Gremlin's version of three, it's been a cakewalk.

    (Karma, please don't shit on me! I'm trying to dish out a little hope and gratitude!)

  11. It just keep growing....Layla is in her terrible twos and Rhiannon is almost 8 and thinks shes 13

  12. I don't know why but three doesn't ring a bell for me at all!

  13. We're still in the "terrible twos"...we've been here forever it seems...I know from my little sisters four has been a much better year for my parents--and she was a spitfire!



  14. Smiled and nodded all the way through. I have a GREAT story about my youngest when she was three, but she has expressly forbidden me to tell it. *pouts*

    There's good (and bad!) stuff ahead - but there's good stuff here, too. Three is a great 'learning' age...

  15. I think those smiling parents were trying to reassure you. That is what I always do. I try to smile at the mommies having a hard time to let them know #1- I've been there. And #2- It will get better. ;)

    Threes are always harder than twos in this house. And Ben turns three on Monday. Oh dear.

    Luck for you and me!

  16. this does not look good for daughter will be three in may and she's already starting to be a handful. and listening? what's that? my talking seems to be nothing but background noise to her!

  17. Oh son turns 3 this spring. I kinda hoped I was out of the woods.

    I don't know if you're into parenting books, but I've had really good luck with "No Cry Discipline Solutions". It has lots of tricks on how to get your kid to do what you want without a big fight. Every kid is different, but it's worked well with mine.

    Good luck.

  18. Well. My 8 and 6 are nothing to write home about, and I'm living your life with a 3 and a 2 at home; all I can say is grin and bear it, and enjoy the good times :)