Thursday, April 29, 2010

don't stop and smell the flowers

The convention is over and life is almost back to normal. What I didn't count on was that all three of us would be under the weather while the convention was going on. It looks like we're a family of allergies. Stock in Benadryl, anyone?! Spring is lovely in DC but outdoor allergies have been nasty this year. I just wish The Little Girl made a better nurse (have I ever mentioned that's what Bug calls our pooch?). Of course she has allergies, too, we're a pathetic bunch...

Bug went to the doctor yesterday because his cough was keeping him and us awake and we thought we should have it checked. For a little guy he had a tough bark. In Bug's words, he was "broken." Sure enough we were sent home with an inhaler. A big BIG thank you to the lovely nurse who showed him/taught us how to use it. She was terrific and explained it in such a fun way that Bug couldn't wait to get his own and try it at home. He was so excited to give the pharmacist the prescription he asked me to dance with him while in CVS.

For now our house looks like a mega-medicine cabinet but soon (VERY soon, right?) these allergies will pass and life really will be back to normal.

Good news of the day...the pizzeria IN MY BUILDING opened this week so I grabbed a slice for lunch! Also, the front desk was giving out candy bars to everyone in the building for participating in the fire drill today. Too bad Thank goodness I haven't lost my appetite (heh).


  1. Oh man...I have a cold, and my son has allergies too. Yuck.
    My kids call our dog "she" and "her" all the time. He's a boy.

  2. i had the WORST allergies when we lived near DC. it was awful. hope you all are feeling better soon.

    and ps- love the title. :)

  3. Wow a pizza joint in the same building? You are going to get SO spoiled!
    I hope your allergies clear up soon!

  4. I am in the same boat with the allergies! It is miserable!

  5. Happy Follow Friday! I'm your newest follower :) I hope you'll stop by my blog - My Story Is Not Over @ My allergies are driving me crazy too. Ugh, I'll be happy when the pollen goes away :)

  6. Riding that allergy railway with ya. That is so sweet that Bug was excited about his inhaler, what a great kid!

  7. Hi. I hope y'all feel better soon. It is nice to meet you. (I am getting ready to copy this self you have)
    I hope you will drop by.

  8. haha. they gave out candybars!!? are you in kindergarten? sign ME up. :)

    I lol'd at bug and the inhaler. my bug had to get one this year, and I was so grateful that the dr. showed us how to use it, because I would have been at a complete loss, and lil dub could not wait to try it out. The best thing is that it worked. No more barking all night long.


  9. Happy Friday Follow!
    This tim eof year, I always feel like I have a brain tumor or something. Allergies! Yikes!
    Nice to meet you! I'm a following.
    :) Jen

  10. Free candy bars? Sweet!
    I am following your blog from follow Friday!


  11. Stopping in from Friday Follow.

    Hope your allergies get better soon.

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  13. AAhhh...the first 'inhaler'....I'll never forget bringing that home with us when my little boy was around 4. We decorated it with 'Buzz Lightyear' stickers (because I told him it looked like something 'spacey' that Buzz would wear. He bought it...hook, line and sinker.
    Anyway..found your blog on FF and hope you can check mine out too at Handmade Jewelry Haven.

    Handmade Jewelry Haven

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  16. Where do you work that you get chocolate for participating in fire drills? And pizza in the same building? I am working there!