Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Is it just me or are the birds chirping earlier and louder this year? I think they’re awake before the roosters (not that we have any roosters near us…but 4:00 - 4:30 is plenty early to be awakened by birds.)

Bug is obsessed with band-aids these days and at any given time he could have seven from his ankle to his knee, one on every finger and even a few on Winnie-the-Pooh’s ears.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise that I walked around the office for two hours before someone pointed out that I had a Spiderman band-aid stuck on my skirt—on my butt. Catch phrase of the day: “Spiderman, my ASSSSS.” It works in many situations.

When Bug goes to bed, he often asks Donnie or me to lie down with him for a few minutes. His line is, “I want a friend to sleep with me.” It sounds like such a pathetic pickup line each time I hear it.

Right before our convention I always seem to have some bizarre dreams. I’ll spare you the details but it involved: a run-in in NY with gangsters, a parking garage with a winding exit that landed me in Maryland, a 1970s police-ish car that I was a passenger in until my friend jumped out and I had to drive only then remembering I can’t drive a stick shift and seeing a friend with her new haircut that changed her hair to fettuccine. Maybe having birds wake me at 4am isn’t so bad.

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  1. The birds this year ARE LOUD! I think they are birds on crack.
    Bug, bug bug bugbug, lame pick up lines so early?? LOL
    My 4 year old has a serious thing with bandaids right now too. He's actually got 2 on right now. Cars ones.

  2. Spiderman, my ASSS! LOL!
    When my husband was a little child, he couldn't sleep alone, so his folks figured he'd marry early...
    Don't know about the birds. I have heard them already, but don't know if they're very loud in Iowa this year.

  3. The birds were so loud last evening while I was making Evie's bed that her hamster was VERY disturbed by them - of course, they were in the tree right outside her window :)

    We have to lay with Sarah every.single.night or we get pathetic whimpering. Wonder how long this will continue! And bandaids are like a wonder thing to kids - I still don't get it :)

  4. We have those same birds here too!!

    L wants a bandaid for every little thing - even a freckle.

    Bug's little pick up line is adorable!

  5. I think the birds are doing their best to make sure I don't get any sleep, they are so freaking loud this year!!

  6. I noticed that there are more songbirds lately. They are kinda loud!

    Bug is so cute with the bandaid obsession!

  7. I have the freak children that do not like bandaids on themselves. Weird. And I had an old nightmare that I was back in school and forgotten I was enrolled in one class and the final was today. That dream always freaks me out and I have to assure myself that I am NOT in college and haven't been in YEARS!

  8. Do you drink before having these dreams? Just askin

  9. I know- the birds are getting earlier.

    Have a great day!

  10. my grandbaby loves banddaids they go everywhere

  11. So I must of skipped over the part where you said "bizarre dream" and I read the last part thinking it was real, and believing it without a second thought. Something is wrong with me.

  12. Well, the chirping was ticking me off, but then we got a lovely woodpecker. I'll save the curse-filled rant about being woken by a jackhammer sound coming from my roof directly above the bedroom. But I will say that I tossed one of my cats on the roof in the hopes he would get himself a snack. Bleep, bleep, bleep, Mega-bleep, woodpecker, bleeping flew bleeping away. That's the condensed version.

    Oh, yes, your post. Sorry, I got off track. You are so fricken' funny. I just love your sense of humor.

  13. Spiderman, my ass!
    I like it! ;)

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  15. Did you receive your swap package yet?

  16. Having children seems to mean that you're guaranteed to have stuff on your clothes that wouldn't be there otherwise. Great that yours resulted in a catch phrase!

  17. all we have is rain and snow. no birds. sigh.

    By now your convention is over and you are ready for a fabulous weekend. ENJOY.


    ps. did i miss the chocolate give-away? color me sad if I did.