Monday, April 4, 2011

lions and tigers and bears...

We live close to National Zoo. Not close enough that our house smells like a circus after the elephant act but close enough that visiting the zoo is an easy day out. We hadn't been in awhile and decided to go. Bonus: there's no admission to get in the zoo--a FREE Saturday adventure! We saw:



And what did Bug talk about for days after our visit? The prairie dogs. Oh my...


  1. LOL! The prairie dogs at our local zoo are the hit too... We even road a camel and the prairie dogs were the big hit...
    Ours has a tunnel to crawl thru so when you pop up in a little dome thing, you're right smack in the middle of the prairie dog containment. It's pretty cool, but I won't crawl in there anymore..

  2. Well, they are awfully cute! I like them too! That silly posture...

    Last time I was at that zoo, there were new panda babies!

  3. Oh, but those things are CUTE!
    And how do you have a FREE zoo??? Ours is so expensive!

  4. I love the zoo! Looks like the animals really put on a great show for you. I love the lion photo.

  5. We have a pathetic zoo just a few miles from our house that features goats, coyotes, and whatever else they can scoop up from the conservation land that surrounds it.

    National Zoo it is not.