Thursday, April 7, 2011

Play Toy Date

Yesterday morning--at 6am--Bug asked when he would see Mat again. I was thrilled...Mat's mom is MY friend so it's the whole two birds/one stone thing. He gets to see his pal and I get to see mine--the best kind of play date. Bug doesn't have many play dates--aside from time with his buddy next door--and doesn't really seem interested in them at this point. Other than to say hi and exchange small talk with the parents/nannies of his classmates, I don't know any of them and anticipate play dates being a bit awkward (for me).

Often when I pick up Bug at school we'll go to the playground and see children from his class or our next door neighbor may show up if it's the day of the week that he doesn't have one or two after school activities.

Typically, Bug may go down the slide a couple of times with his friends but then he's happy to dig and create roads in the sand by himself as opposed to playing with the other kids. THIS is a huge improvement from the fall when he would simply dig his fingers into my leg at the playground and hide behind me, demanding wanting to play only with me.

So I was happy that Bug initiated wanting to see Mat.

Until last night...

I had been at an adoption meeting (not for a second child or anything interesting--just a volunteer meeting) and Donnie told me about this conversation with Bug:

Bug: I can't wait to see Mat.
Donnie: Yeah, that will be fun to play with Mat.
Bug: No, I don't want to play with Mat...I want to play with Mat's toys.

When I heard that, I could almost see the autumn leaves and feel a clawing deep in my thigh as if I were back at the playground.


  1. Oh geez. I think for small kids it IS all about the other kids' toys though.

  2. LOL! Everyone else's toys are so much cooler than the ones at home...
    I guess he has to start somewhere. Why not with the kids toys? It'll break the ice and they'll be fast friends in no time.

  3. I didn't see that coming. That's too bad, but when I was a kid I loved going to my friends' houses because of their toys and being somewhere new.

  4. Isnt friendship always about who has the coolest toys?

  5. Haha!!! That is too funny. I remember wanting to sleep over at my friend's house only because they had Lucky Charms and my mom NEVER bought sugary cereals. HA! Kids are funny. :)

  6. My daughter is the same way. But that doesn't stop me from dropping her off and running away as fast as I can!