Friday, July 8, 2011

I confess...


I've been unmotivated to blog lately.

It's pajama day at camp and I hate the thought that Bug is set on wearing his fireman jammies. They're a size too small and about four inches too short but still his favorites and he wants to show them off. (Why can't I find NEW fireman pajamas that are the right size? Wouldn't you think they would practically be standard issue for little boys?)

I ordered a kindle yesterday and now I'm giddy and hesitant about its arrival. I know I'll continue to read (and smell) actual books that open to show real pages but I wonder if I'll love an e-reader the way everyone says I will...

The countdown to vacation is ON.

While I'm giddy about vacation, I'm also a little hesitant about it. We'll spend a week with Donnie's parents on Cape Cod, which is great but Bug's temper is slightly volatile these days and could create unwanted post July 4th fireworks.

I tend to stress out a little at this time of's time to put together photos of Bug for his birth parents. I'm happy to do it but find it's a bit of a balancing act. The focus, of course, is Bug but I like them to see photos of us as a family as well. This year I think I may include some of his funny observations and maybe a few of his drawings, too.

I had a dream this week that I was dating Nelly.

I was in such a hurry to get ready for work quietly and NOT wake up Bug (who was in our bed) that I scooted out the door at 6am and forgot to put on deodorant. Lovely. CVS, here I come.

I wouldn't mind having a root beer float or a DQ hot fudge sundae for breakfast today.

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  1. Everyone I know with a Kindle or a Nook is hopelessly in love.

    We went out to eat last night and while I ordered grilled chicken, I couldn't stop eating the fried crap off my kids' plates.

  2. I cannot tell you how many times I've managed to squeak out the door with no deodorant. Or worse yet, I drive to work obsessing over whether or not I might have forgotten. What a deal, right?

    PS - I have a Sony Reader. I like it. However, as someone who has a real LOVE for books - I don't love it as much as my books. I find the page turning thing to be a tad distracting, but it IS nice to lessen the chance of burning down my house. A little, anyway.

  3. Jealous about your Kindle--I want one so bad!
    I have deodorant in my desk drawer because I often forget to use it at home due to the craziness of the morning rush.
    The blizzards that DQ is advertising right now look so good. Alas, we don't have a DQ in our town.

  4. We gave my husband one for Father's Day and he loves it! I caught him reading in the bathtub this morning... :)
    That is so great that you send pics to his birth family!

  5. I didn't think I would enjoy a kindle...but I do!! I save real books for the tub now! I'm afraid I'll drop it!

  6. I like reading on my ipad but it's no substitute for a book. That said, I think the kindle would be a different story since it doesn't have the harsh backlight.

    How sweet of you to send pictures to your son's birth family. I think it's awesome that they are still a bit involved in his life. That will make things so much easier as he gets older I'm sure.

    Wow, I would definitely think fireman pjs would be standard for kids. That's so weird!

  7. I hope you got a root beer float for lunch :) sending photos to Bug's birth parents is SO sweet. I think including drawings would be awesome. SO sweet, Mag.

    Enjoy your Kindle! You're gonna be hooked!

  8. I'm just very concerned about the dream with Nelly.

  9. nice to read. been missing your posts maeve. xx

  10. Jealous about the Kindle.

    If I had one I wouldn't be on TWO waiting lists at the library right now.


    Also, by chance, did Nelly sing to you....or was it "just a dream"?