Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday


I confess...

the other night when I gave Bug a kiss on his forehead I wondered if I accidentally bathed him using our dog's medicated shampoo instead of people shampoo. Even worse if I didn't, I need to quickly change shampoo choices for the little guy. Seriously, boy and dog should never smell the same--particularly when the boy is clean.
A shopping trip takes a bit longer these days--even before I leave the house--because Bug wants to help with the list. When he's writing the items as I spell the words, I keep the list short. At this point he can't make connect that he's written down four things and our big red cart has 782 items in it. I don't know if I've ever gone through the express check out at Target and mostly wonder why they have one...who gets out of Target with fewer than 10 items?. I quickly decided to carry Bug's mini list and my supersizeBugcanneverseelist as well.

I had a cupcake for breakfast today. How could I not? It was a gift--it's rude to not accept a gift, right?

My kindle and I are becoming very close.
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  1. I so want a kindle. I think I'm going to have to hint at "Santa" really hard this year.
    Cupcakes work--there's eggs and milk in there right? Right! /see, healthy is all in how you spin it.

  2. I shop at night so I don't have to take the kids! I want a kindle!

  3. The Kindle app on my iPhone has stolen my heart from my old Kindle.

  4. Visiting from Mamarazzi. I just love your blog title; I swing on that mood swing an awful lot!

  5. cupcakes, and Kindle all good!!

  6. hehe, I've had cupcakes for breakfast. They are ah-mazing. Aww, I love his little list, that is so precious!

  7. Gremlin wanted pancakes. I had two. Slathered in butter and with plenty of syrup.

  8. Seems like forever since I've talked to you! I want a cupcake now. :)