Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mommy, did I grow in your tummy?

I've been waiting for this question and knew it would come. It doesn't mean I was prepared for it...just knew I would hear it sooner rather than later. I expected it to happen last year when Bug checked out a Berenstain Bears book that showed Mother pregnant with Sister. (Side note: I always found it odd that the cubs didn't get real names and are simply called Brother an Sister in the Berenstain Bears.)

But no, this question came when Bug and I were out for a walk one not so incredibly hot afternoon. We walked by a neighbor's house and I said, "Did you know that Conor will have a little brother in the fall?" Bug said, "is the baby in his mommy's tummy?" "Yep," I replied oblivious to where this conversation was going because I was simply enjoying our walk.

"Mommy, did I grow in your tummy?"

I paused (I guess you could say there was a pregnant pause on my part but that's just an odd choice of words for this situation)...

As Bug was balancing on a stone wall, I reminded him that no he didn't grow in my tummy but in another woman's tummy who grew him so he could be part of our family. I used the word adoption and again told the story how we met him in the hospital. The biggest issue his four-year-old self currently has with this?

He doesn't like the part of the story that he was born in Virginia and wants to have been born in Boston or on Cape Cod.


  1. So funny that he wants to customize his birthplace by his own wishes. I think you did great with telling him the story!

  2. Awww, that Bug is just so sweet!

  3. Please let him know my boys were born in Boston and it's not that impressive.