Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Summer

Bug attends a little neighborhood school for a few hours each day that's free--I know, FREE, crazy, huh? It's a one-room building near the elementary school in our neighborhood and it's affectionately and appropriately called the Little School. Today is the last day and they're celebrating with a picnic (fingers crossed that the rain stops).

It's been so great to watch his progress this year. He now knows his numbers and the alphabet. He sings the ABCs and loves to "spell" by pointing out letters on signs, books, TV or pretty much anywhere he can see a letter. (As I'm typing this he's reminding me he doesn't get the idea of colors at all by handing me a brown crayon and confidently stating it's purple or holding up a blue one and saying orange.)

I'm going to miss Bug showing me his daily art projects with a proud, "I made at school that!"

I'm going to miss hearing new songs the teacher taught him.

I'm going to miss Bug's responses when we ask who was at school. "Hi Noah, Hi Michael, etc."

I'm going to miss his school stories (even if we seldom understand them).

I'm going to miss his excitement of carrying a lunch box each day (he doesn't have lunch at school but it's the perfect size for his EPI-pen and snacks).

I'm going to miss the honesty of his answer to "How was school?" "I did time listen."

I'm going to miss the anticipation in his voice when he would ask, "is school today?"

At the same time I'm looking forward to summer and all the fun things to do together. I'm sure before I know it he'll be back at the Little School in the fall...and sooner than I want it will be January and he'll start preschool and then, among many other things, we're going to miss the tuition at the Little School.


  1. Grasshopper has been out for a few weeks out, and has only JUST stopped asking me, "I go school a-day?" (a-day being his version of today)

    We both miss it, but is nice to have a little extra time with him too.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is SOOOO adorable. "Hi Michael," " listen," and "I made at school that"! TOO CUTE.

  3. A free school?? Shoot! I wish we had one of those. How fabulous! And how great that he loves it so much. :)
    I just love summer. I don't miss school time much. I know my boys love school, but I just love the freeing up of our schedules and being able to hit the beach whenever we feel like it.
    Of course, ask me again at the end of summer. I may be ready to ship the little squirts off by then. ;)

  4. Aww, cute! My daughter wakes up and says "isschoolday?" Now we are out for the summer and I hate to always tell her no...

  5. That is so cute! That comment about "no listen" is just priceless.