Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

I took piano lessons when I was a little girl or at least I showed up for lessons. My teacher didn't really make me do anything--she gave me chocolate while she played piano.

When I was in the 5th grade, I played clarinet. By the end of the year I had to switch to the flute because my fingers were too small to cover the holes on the clarinet.

My mom's favorite singer: Jim Nabors. She played his albums ALL. THE. TIME. She wanted me to belong to his fan club but I refused.

Our family went on a trip to the Minnesota State Fair to see Jim Nabors perform. I didn't tell my friends. The good news: we had funnel cakes!

Several years from now Bug will probably tell his friends that his mom played Springsteen ALL. THE. TIME.

I met Bruce once and IN MY HEAD had a very intelligent conversation with him about his music. In reality, the only words that rocketed out of my mouth were, "I need to touch you." (Oh, I'm so eloquent.)

Donnie is not so much a Bruce fan...he likes tolerates about four songs.

When company comes over I purposely play other music so people think I'm well-rounded.

When Bug gets in the car, he asks to hear Bruce!


  1. Pretty much anything that comes on the radio (or CD, or ipod) that Grasshopper can tell that I like gets me a, "I no LIKE dis kind of music."


    I had no idea he would already be mocking my taste at age three!

  2. Jim Neighbors fan club huh? Good for you for saying no!

  3. Oh my gosh! Jim Nabors?? NO!!!! Thank goodness you said NO.
    "I need to touch you." Hahahaha! That's great!
    This is why I have NEVER met anyone that I want to, even when I was close enough to say something, I kept my mouth firmly shut. It took major willpower!

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog today!! Jim Nabors?? Too funny! I played clarinet for a long time...I was destined to be the next Kenny G!

  5. shew! That sure beats f-ing Barney's Wheels on the Bus that my boy had to hear in the car. Drove me to the brink of insanity (or maybe I did go over the edge?) Now they're at the age where they shun my music and play their own...

  6. ugh. jim nabors. sigh. my dad liked him. he also liked this guy named roger whittaker who whistled. it was awful.

    im not a huge bruce fan, but i consider his songs to be respectable music, unlike jim nabors and roger whittaker. also, as ive gotten older i find that i like bruce more. whenever im in the car if i cant find anything to listen to, i leave it on e-street radio, that all bruce channel on satellite radio. its easy to listen to. plus, i really like Tunnel of Love and always hope that its going to be played next.
    (was this all way too much info?)

  7. There's something to be said for knowing what you like. Also, my husband hates most of the music I listen to.

  8. I giggled at "I need to touch you." That's probably what I'd say if I ever met John Krasinski.

  9. Ooh, I just love the Boss. When I was little, my single and swinging auntie showed me his Born in the USA album and made a (somewhat inappropriate) comment about his butt. It was my first experience of having someone comment about someone else's rear. Anyway, I can belt out the songs on that album like nobody's business!

  10. My Mom loved/loves Jim too. Crazy I tell you. That ans Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

  11. AHAHAHAHA! Thank you for the laugh I so badly needed.

  12. I am LMAO @ "I need to touch you". That is hilarious. Just found your blog--thanks for making me laugh!

  13. HA! "I need to touch you."

    When my boys ride in their Daddy's truck they ask if he'll play the "Pink cd" (The Go Go's!)