Friday, June 12, 2009


Our carpet is dry/fixed so now the basement is a family room again. It took longer than planned because the day we were to have the new padding installed there was another storm and MORE water in the basement. Ugh.

As I was getting things (somewhat) back in place yesterday I started thinking of all the things we could/should do to the area to make it a better hanging out paint would be a good start, less junk, get rid of some of Bug's toys that he's no longer interested in, donate some of the books to a hospital or library, etc.

Today was the first day for Bug to go downstairs since it's his playroom again. We were walking downstairs to play and as he got to the step where he could see the room he exclaimed, "it's PERFECT."

So, I decided to play rather than plan.


  1. It's hard to get out of the "should" mode and just get playing, isn't it? It is for me, anyway...

  2. How cute... How could you resist not playing after that!

  3. Aww. I want a basement playroom.