Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Someone/Santa Knows...And Remembers

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Dear Northwest Airline Pilots,

Please don't overshoot the Minneapolis Airport next week. My trip to South Dakota is short enough without getting re-routed.

An infrequent frequent flyer

Dear Snow,

I heard you were falling from the sky last night in South Dakota. Will you still be around next week? I'd love to say hi.

A Midwestern Girl at Heart

Dear Santa,

My list is short this year...I'd like some sleep.


PS...and world peace, of course

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I saw the 31 days of goodness on JennyMac's blog, Let's Have a Cocktail. (I'm sure you all saw it, too, because who doesn't stalk follow her?) I emailed the list to several friends. It's been fun to get responses from people commenting on the list...what they want to do or what they've already decided to do this holiday season.

One former classmate emailed that he's adopted a local family in the town and will make a trip to Target so there will be gifts under their tree. He's also being Santa again this year and will show up at local daycare centers as well as homes in my hometown and another nearby town. He then added this to his note:

One thing that most people do not think about is that we have time, talent and treasures. A person does not have to give much of any of them to those who need it to get the warm fuzzies.

This ties in with Pseudonymous High School Teacher's blog featuring Travel Tip Thursday. Today I'm taking her advice and traveling to a Christmas in the past.

I wrote back to Russ and reminded him of a Christmas when he was the town Santa and I was back for the holiday. My mom told me for $10 you could have hire Santa to make an appearance at your house on Christmas Eve. You simply left a small gift for each child in your car and Santa would come to the house with gifts. (Side note: I had lived away from my small town long enough that I asked if she gave Russ keys to our car. She smiled and reminded me that people often DON'T lock cars there...right, I had forgotten.) My nephews were young at the time so I couldn't wait to see their faces when Santa walked through the front door (yes, I know he should have used the chimney and, believe me, I would have paid much more than $10 to see Russ pull that one off!).

So...Santa enters our living room and the kids squeal before they're stunned into silence. Russ Santa looks right at me says, "why there's little Mary Ann" (using my REAL name not what everyone calls me!) and says he remembers things I did as a little girl. Then he shares a few stories about me. (I went to first grade through senior year with Russ so he certainly had plenty to tell.) He then gently reminded my nephews that Santa remembers all of the children he's seen over the years and called my mom, brother and sister-in-law by name as well. The boys were thrilled to see Santa but that night--at that moment--they not only believed in Santa but that he truly sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake...


  1. Oh, I thought my dear Santa list was short..yours is shorter! Dang it! Anywho, good memories you have here! And it is always such a nice feeling to give to those in need, makes me feel way better than receiving. They do Christmas Angel trees here in AZ, childrens names on tags that are in need of gifts...get one every year and makes feel so good.

  2. You are so sweet...thank you for sharing this list and I love that your friends are already taking action.

    Love your letters too...hope you get to see the snow.

  3. That's an awesome Santa story!!

  4. I love the Santa story with Russ! We're getting snow flurries here today and I love it! I hope yours comes soon!

  5. I love that! I bet it was magical for the kiddos.

    p.s. I'd love sleep & world peace, too!

  6. Such a sweet Santa story! Thanks for sharing! Loved your list, I'm hoping the snow holds off here until April!

  7. I loved this. I think I would have liked being from a small town...

  8. There are times I will catch sight of a 'Santa Claus' and for just a moment I still believe...silly I know. I'm sure the kids were delighted. Sounds like Russ is a great guy.

    JennyMac certainly has an excellent list of suggestions for giving...thanks.

  9. Does he live in Austin? That would be awesome.

  10. Oh my gosh, that is so awesome! What a neat idea!