Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Check out the Santa giveaway here. (If I knew how to make a button I would do that and slap it on the side but this is all I've got.) Now onto randomness...

I have laryngitis. I'm almost sorry that this didn't happen several hundred years ago when I was a little girl and my brothers and I still lived under the same roof. They would love the fact that I can't talk and only a squeak comes out when I try.

My favorite new thing: Curbside Cupcakes! What's not to love about a bright pink vehicle that brings cupcakes to your door?! They've been near my office twice in the past week. Talk about turning a frown upside down...

On the subject of cupcakes...here's Bug with his birthday cupcake. It was the first time I tried an egg-free cake recipe. I'm always so nervous with new recipes and we had a few friends over so I made cupcakes rather than a whole cake in case the recipe and I had creative differences. I was fully prepared to run out and get a separate cake for our guests but I was happily surprised that the cupcakes were tasty.
What are the odds that I make it to South Dakota tomorrow? From all the weather reports I've heard I think Mother Nature might have it out for my travel plans.

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  1. I hope you get there! What a sweet picture of Bug...
    Hey, Curbside Cupcakes?? Right to your door?! I guess it's a good thing we don't have that around here... : )

  2. I want cupcakes at my door!! I can lose weight next year right? or maybe 2011?

  3. All you had to say was Curbside Cupcakes and I know I want me some of that. What a brilliant idea. hmmm. thinking thinking...

    Good luck with the laryngitis and your trip. Like, I hope one goes away and I hope you get to go on the other. ??


  4. That cupcake doesn't look half bad! Sorry about your laryngitis, hope you get your voice back soon, thank God we can still type at times like these!

  5. i want curbside cupcakes too!

    my kids love it when i get laryngitis, because then i cannot yell at them.

    bug is beyond adorable.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love that picture! How cute. Hope the traveling goes well..I think mother nature is kinda pissy recently..she beat the hell outta my fence!

  7. My SIL was vegan and as such, we've had the opportunity to try a lot of really yummy desserts I wouldn't have thought otherwise edible.

    Love Bug's pic!

  8. Curbside cupcakes sound DANGEROUS! ;)

    LOVE the birthday pic. So cute.

    I hope you are able to make your travel plans work. :)

  9. Well I'm 2 days late, I hope you made it to South Dakota! And what is this about cupcakes that come to your door??? I need some of that.

  10. I could open a curbside cupcakes here, except it's been done! All my baking dreams are always foiled! Curses!

    I feel you about being sick. Had so many lovely plans this weekend that have been cancelled due to me. Hope you make it out to SD!

    And happy sweet birthday to Bug! He is a cutie!