Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

First of all...if you're interested, sign up for the oh, baby (holiday tee) giveaway here.


Springsteen's tour has ended and just yesterday I found a terrific pair of boots that would look great at one of his concerts.

It's December! (Really, December?) I'm ready for the holidays and by ready I only mean in spirit. I love this time of year...people are nicer mostly or the meds are better. Last night we watched the Grinch or as Bug called him...Green Sam. (I'm thinking we read a lot of Green Eggs and Ham at our house.) I hope to catch as many of the holiday shows as I can with Bug...I can't wait for Rudolph. Rumor has it it's on tomorrow night.

I would prefer that our weather feel a little more like winter so I can start drinking hot chocolate.

Two hours in a bookstore last week was a little bit of heaven for me. Sigh... (I bought enough books and giftie things that I had to ship them back...that's a successful trip, huh?)

I think Bug is a leg man (and I'm not talking turkey). Twice in the past two weeks I wore a skirt and both times he said, "ooh, Mommy, nice legs."

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  1. 2 hours in a bookstore?! By yourself?! That IS heaven. Ironic about the boots.

  2. If I wore a skirt my daughter would tell me my legs were prickly...and probably fat.

  3. I'm laughing at the leg man :)

    I was at Borders last week picking something up (ok it was the Harpers with Twilight on it!) and the kids were in the car with Hubby - it was HEAVEN! I could have stayed in there for 3 hours I think. And they sell COFFEE. (sigh)

  4. Yep. You can tell early.
    My son? Was a boob man from the get go!

  5. Wow, I live across the country and I've been thinking the same thing about the weather. Where's winter? Wow, I am going to pay for even thinking that.

    We went shopping on Black Friday. I bought myself a book and called it good.

    You know, I just love how you write.

  6. so, so funny

    I'd like to spend two hours in a bookstore--or maybe three. I used to do that pre-baby.

  7. Green Sam is too cute! I totally identify with the book store part. I could spend days in one of them.

  8. Nice Legs!! That is so cute! yes I love a warm cup of hot chocolate and would love to go see the Boss in concert!