Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the glass was half-full

Over the weekend we took Bug to Truck Touch, an event sponsored by a nursery school. It was about 30 minutes away or more than an hour if the directions aren’t clear.

Anyway, the little man was in heaven. We told him he would see trucks and when we walked to the parking lot his eyes got wide as he took in a wide range of vehicles from police cars to semis. (My personal favorite on a hot spring day was the refrigerated semi…there were plenty of parents begging encouraging their kids to go inside and play just to feel the chill.)

It was a nice time. Bug sat in many vehicles, honked horns, spoke on a loud speaker, got a tattoo, carried a RED balloon (apparently red is key) and had lunch. When it was time to go he was a little sad but the police car was our last stop and he had fun turning on the lights and siren.

We got to the car and Bug wailed: “I didn’t get to go on the bulldozer.” This was the conversation:

Me: Oh, I’m not sure you could get on the bulldozer. I didn’t see any other children on it. Side note: Technically this was true I hadn’t seen anyone on the bulldozer of course it was out of the way and I hadn’t looked.
Bug: I want to go on the bulldozer.
Donnie: You didn’t get on the bulldozer but you did get to see lots of other great things. Let’s talk about all the things you DID get to do…
Bug: Okay!
Donnie: You were on the police car, boat, school bus, semi, mini cooper, motorcycle, dump truck, (the list continued). Wasn’t it fun?
Bug: Yes…now let’s talk about the things I DIDN’T get to do.

And with that both the glass and I were drained.


  1. Kids are so cute!
    We have Touch a Truck here too. The kids go wild over it. So fun!

  2. LOL! I've totally been there! Not at the Touch a Truck, but in your situation...

  3. Oh man, he has figured you out! In a totally agreeable way of course. My littlest would have been kicking and screaming and telling me what a bad bad mommy I am. So, pour yourself a martini and remember that it could be worse!

  4. That's hilarious!
    I wonder if that's a pessimistic attitude he's gonna have? LOL

  5. That is too funny!

    That touch a truck thing sounds awesome!

  6. Don't you love it when they redirect the redirection? Sounds like a fun time!!

  7. Thats hilarious.. gotta love kids...

  8. SUCH a kid thing! That very well might be the only thing he'll remember about the day! My friends took their daughter to Disney last year, DISNEY, and when I asked her how her day went, she told me the ONE THING she hadn't gotten to do that she'd wanted to! D'OH! :-D

  9. Oh my goodness, too funny. And, when he's 18, he will remember that he didn't get to see the bulldozer. They can't remember where they lost their shoes, but, by golly, they can remember the one truck they didn't see. Love it!

  10. I LOVE talking about things I didn't do. (I also love that you told him that you didn't see anyone on the bulldozer w/out actually seeing the bulldozer. oh, I've used that line a million times).

    "bulldozer" is a strange word. ;)