Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Packing up our bags

Our trip to visit my mom is this weekend. Every time I talk to her I tell her the day we’ll arrive and how we’re looking forward to seeing her. This morning I called and said, “We’ll see you in TWO days.” She was so excited and throughout our chat I realized the statement of our visit was actually news to her. She had no recollection of our previous conversations. Long ago I decided that I can’t be surprised what she remembers and what’s not retained.

I’ve also learned not to call if the Twins are on TV. It’s pretty difficult to have a conversation with her if she’s watching a baseball game. (I actually love that she’s still so interested in baseball so I don’t mind getting bumped and calling later.)

On this visit most of my time will be spent with my mom. Donnie and Bug will visit with her, too, but (understandably) Bug gets restless at the nursing home and I often fear he’s about one quick step from trying to push people in their wheelchairs. Mom is eager to get out and do some shopping. We'll probably make a drive to my hometown. Bug will see his cousins and get to hang out at a terrific park/play area in town. This is a photo from a previous visit. It always makes me smile. He LOVES Winnie-the-Pooh and he walked right up and planted a kiss on the big bear.

I'm already dreading the flights. We're leaving our house at 6:15am on Friday. (Flights to my mom's town are pretty limited.) I think my only hope of getting the little man dressed before arriving at the airport is to let him wear his "G is for Guitar" shirt. I'm praying that will work--if not he'll likely be in his guitar jammies. See a theme, anyone? We've got two flights before we land in SD and one squirmy little boy. On Bug's last flight we were over the Potomac River, about to land in DC when he shouted, "OH NO, we're gonna land in the water."

So I'm looking forward to the trip, steadying myself for the challenges surprises of traveling with a 3-year-old and gearing up for some emotional times with family...and I'm thinking we may even watch a Twins game or two.


  1. Good luck with the travel part! Ick.
    I pray you will have a really good visit with your momma.

  2. I hope you have a great visit with your mom!

    Traveling with kids, especially young ones is so hard!

  3. hmmm. you labeled this bruuuuuuce...:)

    Take care, hope things go well, and I will miss you.

    I'm with Bug; I hate the airports next to water. Freak me out every time. :)

  4. Have a great trip! My mom used to be that way when Golden Girls were on tv... In fact, she'd hang up on me if it was on.

  5. So nice that you get to visit with your mum. The trip there may be a little stressful, but I'm sure it will all be worth it. :)

  6. LOL!!! - at what Bug said about landing in the water :)

    Twins fan, huh?

  7. Prayers for safe travel and a lovely visit with your mom. <3

  8. Have a safe and good trip to your mom. Thinking of you.

  9. I hope your trip was safe & that, if you're still there, you're having a wonderful visit with your mom! I love that picture of Bug kissing Pooh-bear - Jason would do something like that :)