Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

We went to a party on Saturday afternoon and Bug thought Donnie and I were getting married. Not sure what prompted that thought but he was convinced...and then disappointed. (I think he’s mad he missed our first wedding.) He probably heard they serve cake at weddings.

Yesterday on my drive home from work a fox darted out in front of my car…in DC. Eeeewwwww. Over the weekend there was a horse loose in our neighborhood.

One time a bull got loose from the local vet, walked down the highway and managed to end up in my mom & dad's backyard. He was just standing there as calm as could be looking like Ferdinand.
When I lived in NY some of the conductors on the commuter trains would let me make the announcements of stops, delays, etc. I’m not sure WHY I did it but apparently my fear of public speaking wasn't as great then.

I would like to go to a beach somewhere with a stack of books and read, read, read. I’ve seen so many good reviews lately that my “to read” list is growing faster than Bug.

When I was a kid, I thought people won the Pulit Surprise rather than Pulitzer Prize. "Surprise, you won the Pulit!"

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  1. I love Ferdinand.

    "Pulit Surprise" = SNORT!

  2. I want to read and read and read on a beach too...sighs.
    Bug is just too darn cute!

  3. Bug is so cute!

  4. Every time we go to anyplace with cake or cupcakes the girls think it's a birthday. THEIR birthday. At this rate, they're pushing 40! A getaway to read would be so lovely right now.

  5. If you think a fox is bad be glad you dont live here where I have to be on the lookout for snakes, coyotes, javelina, foxes, and a million other critters!

  6. We saw a fox last night in our neighborhood. So weird!
    Love Ferdinand. And Pulit Surprise, so cute!

  7. Those are very funny random thoughts.

  8. I'm with you! It would be heaven to just sit someplace for a solid week and read!

    Too cute that Bug thought you were getting married!

  9. May I join you on that beach? I promise not to annoy you. (Too much).

    OH, FERDINAND. A favorite book of mine ever since I was young. Must find it today and read it again. I should have enough time.