Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Bug,

Most of the time I appreciate that you’re a child with an opinion. I know you don't understand this but the Pull-Ups package isn’t filled with the “Cowboy and Rope” Pull-Ups--there are other designs as well. I know Cowboy and Rope is your preference (because you demand it every single time) but you need to wear the other ones, too. See, lookie here: Woody and Buzz TOGETHER...isn't that great?!Yeah, I know, it’s not what you want. I hear it every day. You know what I want? (Do you care?) How about you use the potty MORE and we can toss all of the Pull-Ups (including Cowboy and Rope) and you can wear big boy underwear? Sound good? I'll buy Cowboy underwear, I swear...


Dear Huggies,

Any chance I can special order packages of Pull-Ups with one design? It would make my mornings, afternoon and evenings life easier and my little boy a lot happier.

I’m begging you Sincerely,

Dear Summertime,

It looks like this is a good season for books. My long list of must reads is growing by the day. If Bug and I could figure a few things out, I wouldn’t need to spend time reading 1-2-3 Magic read the toddler books and could focus on all those novels calling out to me.

Now I just need a long vacation to go with that list so I can find the time to absorb every word (and maybe a few rays, too).

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  1. G used to wear the dora pull-ups and when we switched to the disney princess ones she about had a fit. if they'd just make one option, life would be so much better...

  2. We are addicted to the princess pull ups, which thankfully we only wear at night, but i'm so ready to be done w/ them.....ugh!

  3. Buzz and Woody together?!?!!??? I want some. If only they made bikinis like that.

    You are so right, this is the summer for reading. I'm almost done with my second novel and I have a stack of books yet to tackle! I can't wait to read them all :)

  4. Hahaha! You could get those diapers that look like blue they make pull ups in that style?

  5. Oh, I am with you that they just need to get potty trained already! Luckily, Miss E will go with any of the pull-ups (boys or girls) but I am ready to be done with any type of diaper!

    And reading grown-up books? What's that? Sigh.

  6. I wish Layla would ditch the pull ups too! She laughs at me when I tell her to go pee on the potty...thats never a good sign

  7. I really hope this passes quickly and you get into the permanent big boy pants!

  8. This makes me laugh and laugh. Guess what? My daughter only want the 3 princess one like you showed and not the one with just Belle. (It is fun getting pick one for a change, though.)

  9. This is great. Reasoning with toddlers is never fun.

  10. Gah! Don't get me started on pull-ups :) I think I'm going to start buying the really cheap-o ones for Sarah - hopefully they will be super-uncomfortable and she'll just decide to use the darn toilet (but in my head I know she won't until SHE's ready too...)

    Have you seen the 'cool alert' pull-ups? I want the 'my pants are on fire because I tinkled' pull-ups. Maybe that will get their attention!

  11. ha. I always love your letters.

    I never used a single pull up (on my child of course). I didn't find them all that different from a regular diaper-maybe you could decorate a plain old diaper yourself. :) (I realize that Pull Ups may have changed over these many years...maybe they are a whole lot better than before. I'm glad I don't have to KNOW!! :) )