Monday, June 28, 2010

Camp: Day 1

Bug’s off to camp today. Poor little guy is convinced he’ll take a bus to camp and sleep in a tent and there’s no convincing him that it’s really a four block walk to a four-hour camp. So this morning as I was packing up his required items:

Lunch: Check
EpiPen, Benadryl and instructions: Check
One change of clothes: Check
Sunscreen: Check
Bug spray (for insects not for my son): Check
T-shirt to tie-dye: Check

Bug packed his own bag: six pairs of new underwear. I guess a camper can never be too prepared.


  1. Awww, that is adorable!! Poor little guy thinks he's goin on a trip!

  2. Well, at least he is prepared!

    Remember...Gilligan, the Skipper too. The Millionaire and his wife. The movie star. The professor and Mary-Anne all were only out for a 3 hour tour. Bug's got one more hour on them!

  3. Aww. I hope he is not too disappointed when you pick him up. ;) What a cutie.

  4. "Bug spray (for insects not for my son)"
    LOL! Hope he has a great time!

  5. I love what you said about the bug spray! Camp will be lots of fun for him!

  6. You may need to set up a tent for him in the backyard. Make it worth his while!
    Thanks for commenting on my guest post!
    Nice to know that people other than me find me funny!

  7. how cute.

    also: now everytime i spray bug spray on my kids, im going to think of spray for your son.

  8. that's better than a boy who will wear the same pair of underwear for 7 days.

    I'm with Tammie... BUG spray will never be the same. ;-)

  9. Why do you say 6 pairs of new underwear like it's a bad thing. I love it!!! At least he's willing to pack. My son would take his DS and NOTHING else to a deserted island for the entire summer. I admire Bug's need to prepare :)