Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts (and a call for help)

Bug wore big boy underwear for the first time yesterday. I was so happy to find out that there were no accidents during the day and that he was still wearing the same dry undies when I returned from work. Of course, after my arrival he was playing with his buddy in our backyard and had an accident…but all in all a good first day. (Today he specifically requested “Cowboy and Rope” pull-ups…)

Vacation is one month from today!

Last week a neighbor sent an email to the neighborhood offering a free 42” TV (her sister is moving and not taking it with her)…and we got it! I’m so excited because we’ve been talking about getting a TV for our living room but were procrastinating--and it somehow paid off this time. We rearranged the furniture and bought a TV stand over the weekend. Both the cable guy and the TV stand are coming on Friday so we should be able to become couch potatoes in a new room soon!

Why does spellcheck in blogger think that contractions are wrong? I'm I am not as formal as blogger thinks I should be.

Since this is Bug’s first year at preschool, I’m new to teacher gifts. What is the price range? What do you usually give? There’s one aide in his class and an administrative assistant for the school that I think should also receive gifts. I’m guessing the head of the school doesn’t receive a gift…or am I wrong about that? Any tips or ideas are very welcome/needed. Thanks!

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  1. ooh congrats on the new tv.

    my moms been a preschool teacher for over 25 years and shes always appreciated gift cards in any amounts. even if its just $5 or $10. especially to everyday places like Target, Starbucks, or whatever your local grocery store is. plus, a lot of times stuff like this is used to buy items for the classroom. stuff for parties, trinkets for the treat box, etc..

    a gift card to the local school supply store or craft shop is another good idea.

    but in general, anything is appreciated. even if its just a card saying, "Thanks for all youve done for my kid." but i will say avoid coffee cups. EVERYONE gives coffee cups. it sounds crass but my mom has given a lot of coffee cups to goodwill in her lifetime.

  2. Yeah for potty trained children! I'm looking forward to them all being able to potty!
    As for school gifts--I love to give something that the teacher can hold on to and think of my kiddos. One year I found these adorable little birds ($5 at a novelty store). They were a big hit. This year we gave large colorful faux daisies and initialed journals. (Michaels $3 total).

  3. I've wondered that too. I mean, I have wondered that too...

    Stopping by from Random Tuesday Thoughts

  4. Im hoping that Layla will be following in Bugs footsteps soon, but its not looking good!

    Teacher gifts...the sky is the limit. One thing I can tell you from talking to the teachers at Rhiannons school is that they have a million bath products that they get from parents so I would stay away from those. Gift cards are always good...Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Target are good ones. This year I made a gift basket for Rhiannons teacher and called it a summer survival kit. It had a cute journal and pen, water bottle, nail polish, foot lotion, saltwater taffy, a summery smelling candle and a stress reducing lotion...maybe some other stuff but I dont remember. The year before I made her an initial plaque out of crayons on a white board. I have pics of both gifts if ya wanna see them just let me know

  5. I'd go for the gift card from a book store and a nice note! I am a retired teacher and I still have all my notes from parents and children.

  6. I taught preschool for 10 years and I always LOVED when parents were kind enough to get me Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift cards. I'm a caffeine-aholic, though. :)

  7. I'll bet gift cards are huge winners these days!

    Yay for Bug and the potty training success for the entire day!

  8. HOORAY for dry undies! I do a lil dance at the end of the day if I make it home with dry undies on...did I just say that...

    search etsy for teachers gifts and put in five bux (maybe 10) as your limit. bet you'll find some cute unique goodies!

  9. Congrats on the new TV! and the undies!
    $10 or less is my general rule for teacher gifts. Or something homemade. I made a mini photo album once for my daughters kindergartner teacher (1st year teaching) that had every kid in the class in it. She sobbed as she looked thru it. Found that this was also her last year teaching kindergarten as well.

  10. Yay for big boy underwear! For both my girls, I have always gone in with other moms for the teacher, but if I did it on my own, it would be a gift card somewhere, like $10 for Starbucks or something. (Because my MIL, a teacher, every year gives us LOTS of gifts that well-meaning parents and children have given to her that she'll never use!)

  11. congrats on an (almost) accident free day! and for the new tv...we need one terribly. i'm a little jealous.

  12. I was thinking about the same thing the other day with the squiggly red line contractions. Seriously, contractions are okay blogger.com - get with the program ;)

    Congrats on the new tv!

  13. Oh! The undies thing is the best part of the whole post! Better than a free 42 inch tv! But that's from a sahm...so take it with a grain of salt.

  14. Yay on the potty training! I just got back from the pool with my two little ones, we rode home in swim diapers (because I'm lazy and home is less than 5 mins away) and they both promptly peed on the rugs when we got in. Sigh. :) My fault, totally, but still...

    Congrats on the TV! Enjoy it!