Thursday, June 24, 2010

the little things

Last night I felt like...take your pick ------> a couple of crazy kids, newlyweds, a carefree couple.

Why? We went out on an unexpected date! We were driving home from work (we commute together because our jobs are two blocks apart) and I said, "Remember the pre-dog and pre-Bug days when we would go out for dinner right after work if we felt like it? Wouldn't it be great if we could do that tonight?" I was craving a burrito and a margarita. (Okay, I craving a margarita and a burrito didn't sound bad at all.)

We talked about asking the sitter to stay but then realized the babysitting fee would be more than our dinner because we would have to pay overtime since she had already watched Bug all day. We decided the next time we knew our neighbors were working late, we would make plans for an early date (we have a nanny share so we split babysitting fees...and this way we split overtime as well.) The thought of being as spontaneous as parents can be when it comes to going out almost having a date was fun while it lasted and I could practically see the margarita being delivered to our table. Sigh...

Donnie went next door to get Bug but Bug wanted to stay and play with his pal. The sitter said that the other parents were working late and she didn't mind keeping Bug, too. Donnie ran came home and said, "Let's go!"

All of a sudden, we were at the restaurant and I didn't have to imagine that was there ON MY TABLE and it was all mine! It may sound like a simple little thing but it was terrific and just what I wanted.


  1. I'm SO glad it worked out and you got your spontaneous date! Totally fun!

  2. How wonderful it worked out for you guys! A margarita is sounding really good now!

  3. Sweet! Love when I get to go out with my man!

    Did I already ask you if you wanted to be a guest blogger on my blog next week?

  4. What an awesome feeling, I'm sure! How fun!

  5. LOVE it!! SO glad it worked out!!