Monday, August 2, 2010


This weekend I was going through some things in Bug’s room and noticed that his changing pad was still on the top of his dresser. We bought the dresser/changing table combination thinking his room is small enough that we didn’t want a dresser AND a changing table squeezed in there. It’s worked out well but somehow I was so accustomed to seeing the changing pad with the recently added Spiderman stickers that it hadn’t occurred to me that WE DON’T NEED IT ANYMORE! Don't ask how I couldn't have figured this out earlier...

I removed the changing pad (the straps were screwed into the dresser and rather than deal with those pesky screws, I just grabbed the scissors and cut the straps--hey, it's on the back no one will see it...right?), tidied up the top of the dresser and added a few things to make it look like it belonged in a little boy's room and not a nursery.

Then I took a step back--in the room and in time--and thought about some of the memories in that little room. I realized that our little baby boy somehow became three years old faster than fast and in a few months he’ll no longer hold up his thumb and two fingers when asked "how old are you?" but he'll show four fingers. I’m going to miss many things about these days and there are a few things that I'll happily say good-bye to and look forward to what’s ahead.

Right now, I like the little boy in him that can't say helicopter correctly because "hept-a-collar" sounds perfect to my ears.


  1. No. Don't correct him yet. I still let my 4 year old say words funny. I just miss the baby too much.
    It's too hard for me to even think about! I'm such a baby.

  2. It goes by too dang fast. I get emotional just thinking about Rhiannon starting 3rd grade already

  3. It will be a sad day when O says motorcycle instead of mitorcorkle... Sniff.

  4. Hept-a-collar IS perfect. Cherish every tiny minute. God it goes fast!!!

  5. That won't be the first time he lies about his age...

    Hept-a-collar is pretty darn cute, though. My niece says "Callapitter" instead of caterpillar.

  6. it does all go by way too fast. my 'baby' is about to start kindergarten.