Wednesday, August 4, 2010

to friend or not to friend

I recently became facebook friends with an old friend from college. There was hesitation but I did it. I hadn't seen him in years. He's doing great...he's married with a son and a daughter and three dogs.

In college I was on a drunk intramural volleyball league with a lot of his friends and met him through that group and became friends. There was an unfortunate kiss one night but that was a one-time OOPS and it was quickly forgotten on both sides.

I transferred to another college and would sometimes bump into him at parties when I visited my old school but there were never plans to get together prior to my visit. We were friends but not best friends.

Then when he graduated he asked me (along with several other friends) if I would write to him because he was joining the service and would like to get mail. This was pre-email (obviously, because I'm ancient) and I knew how I loved getting mail so I said sure. We corresponded...not a big thing...he sent detailed letters about his new life and I replied. Once in a great while he would call to say hi...that's about it.

Then a year or so later when he was on leave, he told me he was going to be in Minneapolis (where I was living) and could he stay with me. big is always fun. We could hang out.

Imagine my surprise when he showed up with a bouquet of roses and proposed to me. He gave me a diamond ring and told me he had planned everything out. He would convert to Catholicism and we would get married the following April.

Talk about awkward. We literally had one kiss maybe three years earlier and had exchanged friendly letters...there was no dating, no romance...or even talk of a relationship. Anyway, we're friends again.


  1. Hi Mag...I'm baaaack! Lol

    Guessing he didn't convert and ya'll didn't get married!

  2. Oh my gosh that is bizarre! Wow! How did you handle it?

  3. wow! on one hand that's kind of romantic, but on the other side.. kinda creepy!!

  4. oh i totally need more of this story....fascinating. and kinda weird.

  5. You better watch out, he might try to propose again!

  6. wow... If I were his wife, I might be jealous of you...
    I have a friend (guy) from college that used to date my sister. He friended me on myspace and started sending me notes which I responded to the first few. exchanging family updates and telling him that the girl he used to date has 13 kids now... I think he was relieved. But then he kept sending me basically letters, not just notes. I just started ignoring him. and tried to stay off myspace...
    Good luck! I hope he's stable these days.

  7. Oh man. I almost spit out my coke reading this. I guess time overseas made him feel a bit over-zealous in the romance department, eh?