Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

The other night I had a dream that you could view your past dreams on youtube. The dream was so clear I could actually see my computer screen with a "video" clip of a past dream. I would love visit my dreams in the daylight (well, maybe not all of them--this one still creeps me out).

This weekend I’m heading out for a quick 25-hour getaway. I’m meeting a girlfriend in Philly to celebrate one of her big “ends in a zero” birthdays. It’s just girl time…all the fellas are staying put…mine in DC and hers in NY.

My mom’s condo sold. I was a bit surprised how this news hit me over the weekend. I know that Mom will never live on her own again but I think it’s just another chapter of her life that’s now ending. I’m going back to SD in a couple of weeks to help move her things to storage.

My world is changing. I was able to revise my work schedule and instead of working four full days a week I’ll now work five shorter days each week. This will allow me to pick up Bug at preschool and we won't need a full-time nanny/sitter. He’s going to go to school a bit longer this year and then we’ll hang out in the afternoons. Of course, if he had his way we would go to the grocery store every day. He LOVES the child-sized carts and can maneuver them with the speed and skill of a racecar driver.

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  1. My kids always loved the fun shaped shopping carts when they were little. My boys actually still enjoy grocery shopping with me. One pushes the cart while the other holds the coupons. Have a wonderful time on your getaway. Happy RTT.

  2. Viewing your dreams on YouTube would be the coolest thing! Have you seen the previews for that movie, Inception? Not exactly the same idea but a dream concept nonetheless.

    Hugs about your mom's. It's another milestone.

  3. That's quite a dream. Have fun on your getaway! And I always think it's so cute to see little kids pushing miniature sized carts around!

  4. Im jealous of your "girls only" getaway...but have a great time. On the dream thing...that would be the coolest thing ever...although Im afraid if someone else viewed some of my dreams, they would want to have me locked away!

  5. That's awesome that you get to have a little getaway!!

  6. Let me know if you're swinging thru IA on your way to SD!
    I would love to have a girls only getaway! But it usually involves my girls and I'm still the mom...

  7. Yeah for the getaway!!!! Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Sorry about your mom. I definitely know how that goes. It is heartbreaking.

    So glad to hear about your new work schedule. Sounds like it is a very good change. :)

  8. So excited for your getaway! Have so much fun!
    And yea for your work schedule. That will be so fun for you and Bug.
    I am out of it but I missed what is going on with your mom. What happened, if you don't mind my asking. I hope all is okay. xoxo

  9. I am both happy and sad for the sale of your mom's condo, and I do hope you enjoy your weekend getaway!

  10. Hope you have fun at your girls' getaway!

    I don't think I'd want to see my dreams.

  11. Charlie loves to go grocery shopping too.