Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Mother Nature,

I hope you get through this phase soon. These hot flashes of 95 degrees in late September aren't fun for us as we wait for a new air conditioner to be installed.

another hot mama (and I don't mean that in a good way)

Dear Birth Mother,

It's time to put together our photo album for you of Bug's year. It's hard to know which photos or how many to send but I hope you like the ones we selected and that they give you a sense of what a great little guy he is.

In addition to writing on the back of each photo, I think I'll include a letter. So much has changed in Bug's world over the past 12 months...he's in preschool, potty-trained (woo hoo!) and just this morning he got the DVD player to work when I had given up (it's a guy thing, right?).

I wonder if the things he says--like the time he bumped his head and announced "I'm not happy anymore" or when he put on shorts for this first time this year knowing they were for warm weather and declared them his "hot pants" with a twist of his hips--and other sweet, funny, charming, or observational comments--will come through on paper without hearing his voice or seeing his facial and (often) full-body expressions. If you do want to hear his voice or see him, just let us know.

the eternally grateful woman who--because of you--became a mommy

Dear Bruce,

Happy Birthday! Can you believe it was just 18 years ago that I was one of many who sang happy birthday to you after the Unplugged concert? Oh wait...I'm sure it stands out in my memory more than yours but I remember what each of us was wearing!.

The one who's waiting for the next concert and a slice of birthday cake

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  1. oh that birth mother part made me cry. bravo to you.

  2. Wow! You write to the birth mother and get her up to date on what she gave up??
    Was that an agreement with you guys? whoa.
    Your child sounds adorable! Hot pants, indeed!

  3. Im a hot mama here too...and not the good kind!

    How nice of you guys to update the birth mom!

  4. The letter to the birth mom makes me cry.
    She is SO lucky to have these updates.

  5. The birth mother letter made me cry too. So so sweet.
    Bruce is the man!

  6. I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature, too. And I love your other letters.