Friday, September 24, 2010

F-Bomb Friday--the dog edition

So it's 97 degrees on September 24...where is that lovely crisp fall weather?? Anyway, our air conditioner finally stopped working altogether so we were in the process of getting bids for a new one when this heat kicked in. (Read: the house is REALLY hot.)

We open windows when we're home but I refuse to keep ground floor windows open if we're away for the day because there's a new round of neighborhood break-ins and most are through open windows. (Read: the house is REALLY hot.)

Bug and I got home from school today and entered our hot house and immediately knew something was wrong. VeraClaraCora (the little girl)

pooped in the kitchen. (Read: the house is REALLY hot and REALLY stinky.)

Visit MiMi at Family of Shorts for more.


  1. Hot shit!
    Okay, sorry, had to say it. :(

  2. oh no!!! it must have been like a poop sauna. ick.

    i really hope you get air soon. or just cooler weather.

  3. Do her eyes always look in either direction at the same time? Interesting. AC cranking right now. I'm thinking its last hurrah before the long, cold winter.

  4. That really stinks!!

    Did ya know that ya said MiMi and linked to her blog but said my blog name? LOL