Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I'm taking the bus home from work these days and that means reading time also a little bit of wobbly tummy from motion reading but I'm working on that!

Bug has a love/hate relationship with his bathtime. He's overly dramatic not too eager to get in the tub but then refuses to get out (I imagine this is the way with many kids--as a child I wanted to take a bath IF I could wear my swimsuit--I specifically remember being allowed to wear it once). The only way I can get him out of the tub is to tell him he's used up all the hot water and then sneakily shut off the tap. When he feels the cold water, he's ready to get out.

Yesterday for the first time I heard "Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light." It was sung to me with Bug playing the accordian and J (best buddy) playing a guitar. Then, in true Springsteen form, Bug thanked me for "coming out tonight."

I rarely travel for work but next month I've got two trips...Boston and Puerto Rico. And when I'm in Puerto Rico I'm also supposed to be at jury duty.

Still patiently waiting for fall to arrive. I can't wait to feel the crisp air!

Blogger and I seem to be having some bumps in our relationship. Like so many couples, it's a communication issue. Here's an example: I keep hitting "enter" and the spacing is a surpise. Blogger doesn't listen or respond. Who knows how this will actually end up looking...either one big paragraph or 8 blank lines between sentences (but for the record I have spaces between paragraphs RIGHT NOW) and spell check is apparently on strike so apologies for any glaring mistakes that I'm too lazy to actually look for and correct.

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  1. Massive bumps with blogger...and I'm shocked because? Plain and simple blogger sucks. But what are the alternatives? Learning code? Paying for a website?? NevEr.

    If you'd rather go to jury duty I'm pretty sure I can clear my schedule and go to Puerto Rico for you, just call me!

    Happy RTT!

  2. Thank you! Thank you very much!
    That's so cool Bugs imitating Bruce! It could've been Elvis...

    Tell you what! I'll do Puerto Rico and you can get to jury duty!

  3. I love that he thanked you for "coming out tonight". That is cute.

  4. I love being serenaded by little boys!! :) I think I spelled that wrong.

  5. I have that problem with Blogger - hit the carriage return and nothing appears to happen until you type. Worse for me is when my browser acts up and I type a sentence and then have to sit back and what for it to register. One. Character. At. A. Time. Grrr!

    Stopping by from the Unmom!

  6. I'm having the same problem with Blogger. You hit enter but it doesn't move, then when you start typing, you find you've gone down four or five rows. Go to the EDIT HTML tab beside the COMPOSE tab and you can fix it there.

  7. I hate it when spell check isn't working on Blogger. I'm a pretty good speller by nature, but I've decided that spell check has made me lose my edge. I don't trust myself.

  8. I only had those problems with Blogger in Internet &%$*! Explorer. Once I switched to Firefox it was fine.

    And I have the same bathtime issue with Xander. He will fight a bath tooth & nail and then shriek in protest when it's time to get out.

  9. My kids only ever want to get out when the water is so cold that they are shivering!

  10. Blogger does the same thing to me and it drives me bonkers!

    My kids are LOVE the bath. Can't wait to get in and loath getting out. Crazies. ;)

  11. Same thing with me and blogger. Drives me insane!
    Bug cracks me up. My son was like that with bathtime too. :)

  12. The weird spaces in blogger used to drive me bonkers. I am VERY visual and I plan things liek spaces very carefully--I'm weird liek that.