Friday, January 28, 2011

oh, she forgot to put pants on...

We lost power during our five inches of snow the other night. It was thundersnow, which was kinda funky. Anyway, when we learned it could be more than 2 days before the electric company could fix it, we jumped ship--freezing not sinking--in this case and went to a hotel.

Bug's school was closed for a third day this week (Wed: threat of bad weather, Thur: cleaning up snow; Fri: no heat in the school) so Bug and I had the morning to hang out at the hotel. After showering, roaming the lobby and staring at the fish, making plans to ride the alligator (aka elevator) to the top floor later, we wandered to Starbucks to get hot chocolate.

Happily, we found seats so we could drink our treats and chat. The conversation went like this:

Bug: Oh, she forgot to put pants on...
Me: (not understanding out what he said--asked) What?
Bug: (louder, of course) She forgot to put pants on (pointing now so I could see the woman in a chair near us wearing a short dress and nude hose).
Me: No, she has a dress on, you just can't see it because her coat is covering it.
Bug: (louder, again, of course, because that's what four-year-olds do when they're 100% correct) NOPE, she forgot to put pants on.
Me: Drink up. (As Bug picked up his cup, the pantsless woman got up, pulled down her dress and left Starbucks.)

We're now at home where the heat is on and everyone is wearing pants.


  1. Ever since I was a kid and still to this day, my mother refers to this tone of voice as "the Chrissie whisper". No idea why...

  2. My daughter is also famous for this whisper... sometimes, I love it!!!

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! That's awesome. If it was so cold, she really SHOULD have worn pants!

  4. This could be a pantyhose commercial. "Want seriously nude pantyhose?" Haha, it's great...I love it. Bug is hilarious!

  5. Ha - love it!!! Kids are great. :)
    I wonder if she'll ever wear that dress without thinking of this Starbucks trip!

  6. I love that the "whisper" is followed with pointing :) at least he's cute enough to get away with it!!!

  7. LOL! She must have been a celebrity!

  8. He's right though!

    What an awesome idea-a hotel! :)