Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Now that the holidays are over and resolutions are hovering about, it's probably a good time to give up the daily hot chocolate but it's so good and perfect on these cold mornings. Making it with skim or fat-free milk totally justifies the whipped cream, right? Or maybe I'll ask if our dress code at the office can include sweats.
Apparently, another of my resolutions is to drink more wine. I'm guessing I'll be more successful on that than giving up hot chocolate.

Here's our little girl, Miss VeraCora, snuggling up on Bug's Elmo chair. It's cute but the thing you should really notice in the photo is the pirate ship to the right of the chair. Friends gave it to Bug and when he received it, he was told it had 35 million pieces. I put it together and believe that number was fairly accurate. I'm quite pleased with myself (and I don't think it matters at all that I had a few extra pieces when the ship was completed).

Read any good books lately? I'm in a lull and could really use a suggestion to jump start my reading.
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  1. What a beautiful fireplace and mantel! Cute cat too.

  2. You have a beautiful mantel!!! And that pirate ship looks pretty cool!

  3. How come YOU put the pirate ship together? LOL

    I'm in a reading mood lately too. I just finished Broken Birds and I'm reading one called Escape now about a woman who escaped from the polygamist lifestyle. Really interesting!

  4. I may be behind in reading these books, but I'm in the middle of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," and I love it.

    So if you haven't picked up those books yet, I recommend it :)