Friday, January 7, 2011

I confess

Because this is what all the cool kids are doing...Glamazon and Mamarazzi are hosting and I'm a bit of a party's the new me.
I confess...

I've been a horrible blogger and a horrible reader for awhile now. I swear I'm working my way back...I've got new glasses now (hey, kids, they're bifocals...oh wait, I can't be that old...they're "progressives" so now I have no excuse for not reading other than being a lazy slug).

I hate my new glasses.
I've had hot chocolate every day this week and one day I had it twice (the second one was a gift so that should be guilt-free, right?). It's such a winter treat for me so I try to tell myself I will only drink it on cold mornings.'s January so I declare every morning cold.

I didn't really mind getting back into the routine of work for Donnie and me and school for Bug this week. I did, however, mind the alarm going off five days in a row and having to actually GO to work.

Over the holiday break I said "dammit" so I could put myself in time out and get a little quiet break. HEAVEN!!!

I've become a wuss about needles. Yesterday I had to get blood taken for allergy tests. I have rotten veins so it took multiple tries in my arms. I was nearly hyperventilating by time the little tube was filled. I should have been given a lollipop or a sticker or a good stiff drink when it was over.
It's been so long since I've done laundry, I'm not sure I remember where our washing machine is or how to operate it. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend...

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  1. You put yourself out for saying dammit?? Shit! Oh, whoops. Sorry. Time out for me!


  2. I was a wuss about needles today at the doctor, but my vein was nice and puffy so they found it easily. And the shot in my butt made me jump... I just hate needles...

  3. love that you put yourself on a time out, seriously that is BRILLIANT!!

    and anything that is a gift is calorie/guilt free.

    so glad you linked up, i am digging your confessions...more next week ok?!

  4. Chocolate every day, I hope I can be you when I grow up!

  5. Im a wuss about needles too..I have yucky veins too. They never get me the first time...sometimes not even the 4th time!

  6. Awesome list! I'd be embarrassed to list all my confessions. Really - I am that lazy :) I had my eyes checked before Christmas & the doc said my vision is ok, I shouldn't need bifocals for a few more years :) What a relief! Guess I'd better get used to the "you're 40 now" doctor visits :) Ugh.

  7. My dogs don't recognized self-imposed timeouts. =)

    Great confession. Have a good week.