Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost Vacation time

‘Twas the week of vacation and all through the house
I’m running around and so is my spouse
Finding swimsuits and coverups and charging my iPod
All in advance of our trip to Cape Cod

I’ll choose Bug's and my clothes to be packed
Along with food that will need to be snacked
The biggest challenge is the drive to and fro
And hope that we have everything before we say “GO”

The DVD player--this time--should work
She said with great hope and just a slight smirk
We'll settle in the backseat with popcorn...and some juice
We’ve got the first Toy Story and the just-released Bruuuuuuce
It should be fun because Bug loves Springsteen
He's heard him, of course, but never viewed him on the screen

There are new toys safely hidden away
For Bug on the drive when he’s ready to play
Donnie's in the driver's seat and with some luck I can read
I’ll have plenty of books to get me up to speed

There are things to be done before we hit the road
Laundry tops the list--and more than just one load
We'll get the car checked and we’ll find our sun lotion
Because I don’t plan to stop until we’ve hit the ocean.

(For some reason going on vacation in the summer prompts 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to go through my head. Same thing happened last year so there was a bad poem then as well.)


  1. I do that too! I keep things hidden away to pull out when needed during the drive. I hope you have a FANTASTIC time!

  2. Love the poem! Have a great time!

  3. Great poem!!!
    You will have a great time, I'm sure!
    It would only be better if I was there! :) lol

  4. Aren't you clever!
    I am impressed!

  5. Adorable! C'mon up, the Cape's great!