Thursday, July 8, 2010


Last night was one of those not-so-typical nights at our house. I had a meeting and Donnie and Bug were going to hang out at home. Before the meeting started Donnie called to say our power was out (again) and they were heading out. (Lucky me, they stopped at the bookstore and picked up a book I wanted--yay!!) By time I arrived home at 9:30, the power was scheduled to be back at 11. Of course, 11pm became 5am, 5am became 7am, 7am became 9am and then we just stopped checking. When we left the house the power still wasn't on.

Bottom line: the three humans in our house slept together on the futon in our basement and our little girl was curled up on the floor in her bed. I'm not sure when Bug has slept better. Not a peep from him during the night. Donnie and I, of course, were tossing all night and dodging flying arms and feet that come from the ninja moves toddlers make in their sleep. Apparently, Bug should have been called for a low blow after one particularly hard kick to Donnie.

The biggest surprise: our sweet little girl, MissClaraVeraCora (call her any of these names and she'll respond in some manner), is the noisiest thing in our house. She farts, she snores, she licks, she paces, she yawns (loudly--like an old man) ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
But she's cute.


  1. I was reading the comments on JennyMacs latest post and the name of your blog cracked me up so much I HAD to click on it and stop by.

    TOTAL drag about your power being off that long. I really don't know how you handle such things. You MUST live somewhere other than the depths of hot hell AZ, which is where I live. Glad you made it through the night in one piece, which is hard with a toddler. My daughter chose to join us at 4 a.m. and it was a real charming few hours of kicks, hits and tossing.

    Anyway, just wanted to say, cute blog, GREAT title.

  2. I hope your power is back on by now! Yikes!

    Your dog is awfully cute and I love how you refer to her by a triplicate name!

  3. Oh my goodness, your dog is adorable! Love her!

    I hope your power is back on. I hate it when that happens. Ugh.

  4. Your dog!! She looks grumpy, but cute.
    Why is the power out so much? Is it cuz the heat?

  5. That picture keeps making me giggle, it almost looks like the dog is saying, "Is the A/C back on yet?!" :-D

  6. Ok I had a nice comment here and then it went all wonky so I'll just say - I hope your power came back on :)