Wednesday, July 14, 2010

pillow talk--parent style

A conversation that, no doubt, has played in many of your homes in one form or another.

Here's our recent pillow talk...

Donnie: What did Bug want at dinner?
Me: I gave him the apple juice in a yellow box but he wanted orange juice in a cup.
Donnie: We have orange juice?
Me: Yeah, who knew? Bug said he saw it in the fridge and he was right. (AND it wasn't expired!)
Donnie: I thought he liked the green boxes of apple juice.
Me: He does like the green boxes but they're bigger and if he takes them to camp he doesn't drink all of it and it ends up spilling/leaking in his lunchbox. Plus, he announced he hadn't had orange juice ALL DAY. (this last portion included a heavy sigh and hand gestures to re-enact the overacting by Bug at dinner)
Donnie: Why do we buy the green boxes?
Me: He likes them but drinks them at home.
Donnie: No, I mean why do we have the smaller green boxes?
Me: I bought them for him to take to camp in his lunch box but he doesn't like those.
Donnie: So why do we have the yellow boxes?
Me: J has those and Bug drinks them at his house. And they're great for his lunchbox because they're smaller than the big green boxes.
Donnie: (silent but I could almost see the cartoon bubble filled with question marks above his head)
Me: The ever-changing moods of a three-year-old's preferences, huh?
Donnie: I'm still surprised we have orange juice.

Clearly, this should have ended with...Say good-night, Gracie.


  1. Thanks for visiting the other day!

  2. Only a mom knows all of that detail and the reasons behind it!

  3. Oh my gosh girl this is hilarious! We've all had convos like these before. LOL!

  4. Who knew we'd grow up to have conversations like these? Precious.

  5. Lessons in the ridiculous. It's not normal, I tell ya!

  6. That's hilarious.
    We've had discussions about poop for pillow talk.

  7. I am cracking up over this conversation! And, count me as a new follower!!

  8. Love the conversation. Having little ones can sure change pillow talk, thats for sure....

  9. Boy how pillow talk changes after kids

  10. This was a really funny read :)

  11. Love it!! :-D And it comforts me that this happens in other homes!

  12. At our house these types of conversations are all about poop. When did he poop, how much, consistency, amount of effort involved. I swear, I never spent so much time talking about poop in my entire life. It's crazy.

  13. so sweet :)

    -(just wait; pillow talk parent style can get real serious at times......... sigh.)

  14. Sadly - we don't make it to bed at the same time much anymore, but this is pretty close to what most of our conversations sound like. So sad, but true