Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey, wanna go boating?

Come on over to our basement.

You think I would have noticed that a good chunk of carpet is soaked:

when I got on the treadmill--in the basement

or when I did three loads of laundry--in the basement

or when I worked on the computer for four hours--in the basement

or, um, when I was breathing. Really, how bad is my sense of smell that I didn't notice that damp odor in our basement? Luckily, when Donnie came home from work he pointed it out.

In my search for the positive side, I'm hoping the heavy rains from this week have washed away all traces of spring allergies. It's only fair...if Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer that means I can kiss my allergies good-bye until fall, right? As beautiful as spring is, it can be tough. It's so bad to be cursing all the lovely blooms but when I feel my head pounding and see cars coated in pollen, the swearing begins.

No one is safe from seasonal allergies in our house. Donnie and Bug both have them. Even Clara has them. Bug gets a (fairly) mild rash and Clara is forced to stay awake longer than an hour a day to lick her paws nonstop. At times Bug and Clara have been on the same meds (although Bug's isn't bacon scented but oh, he would love that!).

The carpet people are coming today. Now, if only I could find a pediatric veterinarian for Bug and Clara...


  1. I'm allergic to both my dog and my cat but they're not going anywhere... I just started a new natural med called Aller Res Q and it's working beautifully!

  2. Just like kids have parental selective hearing, we mothers have selective smelling due to years of diaper and spit up sniffing.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    P.S. I loved Elegance of the Hedgehog and am reviewing it next week for Barrie Summy's Book Review Club.

  3. Is it wrong that my reaction is, "I wish I had a basement..."?

    Yeah, we need more space.

  4. My husband swears that I've stopped looking at certain things. Grime in the bathroom? Can't see it. Fur all over the couch? Ditto. I think it's a survival mechanism.