Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Cold,

Oh, if only I could run as fast as my nose these days. You win. I surrender. I've taken plenty of cold tablets and ibuprofen but now I'm giving up. Yep, that's me waving the white tissue flag. How about we don't do this again for a long time, okay?

Sneezy, Dopey & Doc

Dear Computers,

You got me good yesterday and it wasn't even April Fool's Day. First I arrived at work to find out my computer had a virus (why should I be the only one not operating at peak, right?). I'm always a bit hesitant, even shy, when I report problems to our IT department because somehow I think I caused the problem and should know how to fix it instead of bringing in the big guns. Oh well. I received a computer (none of my files but could work via email) but that quit on me so my replacement computer was replaced with a laptop that also shut down. THREE of you died on me yesterday..ain't technology grand? Had it not been the end of the work day I wouldn't have been surprised for the IT dept to bring me a typewriter.

Bashful & Grumpy

Dear Bug,

The middle of the night is for sleeping.

Not for eating cookies.
Not for playing outside.
Not for watching TV.
Not for going to the store to find a mirror with purple stripes (but nice try on that one).


Dear Donnie,

I'm very excited that you'll be home tomorrow. Safe travels!


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  1. Oh geez, it's cuz the IT guys always look at you like it's your fault. And they talk really loud like they want everyone to hear what an idiot you are...CONTROL!ALT!DELETE! YOU ARE A MORON!!! You know, that kinda shiz.

  2. Dang colds are such a pain in the..nose. I don't even pretend that I would know how to fix a computer..I can type! That's about the extent of it though. Yes, I am computer illiterate, what's it to you?! Damn nerdy computer geeks that can do it all! Well, besides shortmama, she's not nerdy or a giid, she teaches me all the shiznit that I need to know to be able to navigate my way through this darn thingamajing.

  3. Oh no I hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. All Seven Dwarfs in one week - you ARE on a roll. Hope the cold gets better soon, Mag!!

  5. Can I jump on the "I've godda bad code" bus too? We need someone to make us dinner and tuck us in. Stupid code in our node. I haven't had one for well over a year.

  6. Cookies in the middle of the night? LOL

    I sure hope you get better soon!!!

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  9. Three computers?!?!?!?! WOW! Maybe you should use a typewriter. ;)
    And the middle of the night is always when I want cookies too. ;)

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  11. One of my bff's is an IT lady, and oh the stories I get to hear!

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  20. I love this idea of writing short notes. It reminds me when I am at my wits end with a child.
    I start saying things like, OK God, Help me here I don't know what to do with this child?
    The children alwasy stop what they are doing and listen intently. I go on about whatever and after a bit everything changes. Yay communication.
    I'm a FF