Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I’m afraid I have the Midas touch when it comes to electronics lately. I broke another computer over the weekend. Sigh…maybe it really is time for a typewriter. As soon as everything is back up and functioning at a greater than primitive level running, I’ll catch up on my blog reading.

Highlight of my day: getting a surprise hot chocolate delivery by Donnie at my office! Yes, I’m still having hot chocolate despite the editorial comment I received a couple of weeks ago.

Book suggestions, anyone? I just finished True Confections.
Hmmm, I discovered reading a novel about a candy company with vivid descriptions of candy can be damaging to a person's waistline and so I'm blaming my recent M&Ms binge on the book. And there was a random mention of one of my favorite candy bars made in Iowa that I can’t find on the East Coast so I'm craving that now and I've eaten the stash from my last visit to South Dakota. So what to read next…any thoughts?

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  1. Just the cover of that book makes me hungry for candy.

  2. Surprise hot chocolate! Now thats my kind of delivery!

  3. What a thoughtful thing for him to do. That beats flowers any day, for sure! That book looks yummy. I got a recommendation for The Book Thief and it's on my list right after Mimi's book club read for Feb. I ordered it yesterday for $4.36 on Amazon!!

  4. "The Lacuna" Barbara Kingsolver.

    I am eating a 100 grand bar as I read this. I can feel myself getting fatter. sigh