Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Facebook: I found a high school friend/gymnastics team buddy over the weekend. She's remarried so I didn't recognize her name when I first saw her listed. She moved back to my hometown. Anyway, I mentioned that I would probably be back in South Dakota next month and we talked about getting together. She gave me her phone number...it's the phone number from my childhood...as in...she has my parents' old phone number. Weird and kind of nice.

Sprout: We're fairly new Sprout viewers. Bug loves that station and has started asking for The Wiggles (shudder). Truth be told...I think Nina of The Good Night Show has the best job in the world with the possible exception of former athletes who get paid to talk about sports. She hosts a show while wearing comfy clothes, her sidekick is a pillow and she sits on a couch for nearly the whole show. Although I like to pretend when they break for one of the gazillion child-friendly "gotta have it" so beg your parents for it now commercials, that she drops the F-bomb about 47 times and downs a couple of shots before they return to the program.

Allergy Stuff: Bug and I made egg-free/peanut-free chocolate chip cookies yesterday from a mix. I was thrilled to find a mix in the store that I could make for Bug. I've got a pretty good egg-free cookbook for him and have made a few things but the thought of a boxed mix was kind of exciting to me. (I realize how pathetic that sounds but it's true.)
On the plus side, the cookies were really good and for the first time in my life I had to shoo Bug away from the hot cookies that just came out of the oven. That alone was a fun experience the first 17 times.

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  1. Cookies sound so good!
    I always imagine Nina does the same thing...how funny would that be?! You'd have to be drunk to act so serious at that show or be Joe on Blue's Clues.

  2. How ironic that she would have the same phone number! What are the chances in that?!

  3. When I first became a facebooker a bunch high school 'friends' wanted to get together. But I didn't want to see them. haha. Yet we're 'friends'...only on FB.

    I always wonder that about those kid T.V hosts!! Especially the ones in a costume. bahaha

  4. The same phone number, really? Somehow I just think that's too cool. I still remember my BFFs parents number and love dialing it when she's home. It takes me straight back to 1982.

    Right on with the cookies! You're the second person this week that's found allergen free cookies for their sweetie. I'm so glad these sweet babies aren't going through life without cookies. Damn allergies!

  5. I don't know Nina, but I love the image you've given me! Lol! Yay for the boxed cookies! And weird that your friend has your old number - I guess it's easy to remember!

  6. That's pretty neat about the phone number! And YAY for boxed cookies! A victory in my book.

  7. I love your blog and was turned on to it by Friday Follow. What a great idea.
    Happy Friday!